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Rose Heart Union ~ Cacao Recipe Ritual

Would you like a sweet and powerful grounding ritual to connect to Cacao and the divine femminine energy in you and around you? Read on…

For the new edition of Cacao Mama’s online “In ceremony”, I was asked by my teacher Serap Kara to offer a Cacao ritual together with other amazing sisters. You can find the April issue in this link with many beautiful articles about Cacao and it’s energy.

If you are curious about Cacao benefits, Cacao Ceremony use and where to buy Cacao online read here.

Here’s the Cacao ritual I offered:

Roses are the flowers with the highest vibration on Earth. Together with Cacao this ceremony weaves into your heart and honours the divine feminine energy. 

Before you prepare your Cacao, bring beauty into your sacred space. Place a rose (or rose petals) in your altar and/or rose quartz. Be sure also to have a comfortable nesting place with cushions and blankets around you. 

Cacao recipe

 10-20 gr Ceremonial Cacao

5/6 drops of Rosewater and Rose Petal


Mix ingredients well and connect to your intention. While preparing hum or sing a love song into your cup.

Cacao ritual

Sit with your Cacao and place the cup on your chest/heart space. Feel its warmth and the earthy smell enveloping your senses, feel how it starts to soften your body. Let the body move gently in waves if it wants to, especially your torso. This is a great way to unblock energies.

Drink and remember that you are held and that you can fall back into fullness, into love, into trust. Feel your heart open like a blooming flower. Petal by petal. Surrender to gravity and let the Earth (feminine energy) hold you and take care of you. Let it cradle you and soften your edges. Feel the softness around you, let go and receive yourself. Feel your body opening. Let Cacao do its magic.

To close the ritual, thank the divine feminine and Earth in you, around you, and below you. If you can, place some petals into the Earth as a final offering.

Loving music for this ritual:


image by daniela constantini @ pexels.com