the alchemy of an embodied brand coaching map

Embodied brand coaching map

Embracing the wisdom of the body, awakening the power within, and aligning deeply from roots to branches for authentic and impactful branding success.

In the realm of personal and professional growth, a new paradigm emerges — one that goes beyond traditional branding approaches. Embodied brand coaching invites us to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and self-expression, where our outer brand aligns with our inner essence. It is a transformative path that recognizes the power of the body as a vessel of wisdom, intuition, and authenticity


Our professional identity evolves and grows alongside us, requiring flexibility and coherence. We let go of the notion of being “branded for life” and instead create a space for exploration and growth, embracing our humanity and ‘perfect imperfection’. This embodied brand coaching map invites us to explore the depths of who we are, unravel our authentic voice, and cultivate a magnetic presence that resonates with our audience at a soul level. It is a holistic approach that invites us to step into our power, unleash our creativity, and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Embracing the alchemical process, the path from lead to gold

Using the alchemical metaphor of our transformative journey, we delve into internal transmutation. The descent into darkness, the Nigredo phase, allows us to decompose and strip away, revealing our essential “prima materia”. We explore our roots, both personal and project-related, discovering our Why.


At the midpoint, the Albedo phase, realization dawns. The mercurial energy rises, unifying body, mind, and divine essence. Here, we engage in deep inquiry, research, and alchemizing. Despite occasional past themes, our focus is on our present personal branding, working with desires, activating hearts, and fostering supportive connections. Blocks and limiting beliefs dissolve, allowing us to flow through our trunks and dive into the How.


After reflecting and alchemizing, we embark on the Rubedo phase, an outward journey of pure awareness. Energies surge, clarity abounds, and practical matters take precedence. We visualize our project and eagerly prepare for the next steps, ready to harvest the fruits in our branches. Empowered, we move forward.

embodied brand coaching map® camille barrios

Embodying your brand identity transformational journey

1 // The Roots: cultivating the essence of deep listening 

The YIN foundation of our journey. The WHY.


In the initial stages of our Embodied Brand coaching journey, we come to understand the importance of our roots as we travel inward through the initiation spiral. This is where we immerse ourselves in deep listening, discovering the source of our wisdom. We become like seeds planted in fertile soil, creating space for what wants to emerge and nurturing the first impulses of growth. We explore the WHY behind our aspirations, acknowledging our fears of being seen and our deep longing to be seen. We also confront any parts of ourselves that feel stuck. What does living a fulfilled life look like to us? Why do we do what we do, and why do we want to do it?


At this stage of our journey, we prioritize introspection in our ‘micro circle’. We don’t rush into action; instead, we dedicate time to cultivating awareness in our internal landscape. Imagine ourselves as seeds planted in the earth, open to receiving information and nourishment. We feel the initial impulse to expand and extend our roots through the soil. How can we nourish and sustain our roots? What do they need to continue growing? How can we protect them?


Creating a personal brand is akin to a birthing process. It brings resistance, doubt, fear, wonder, and excitement. We embrace everything that serves our process, adopting a witness perspective. Our deep desire to be seen and heard in our truth by our audience presents a significant challenge. But we are ready to face it and embrace it fully.

2 // The Trunk: unveiling our alchemical body

Embracing our essence and impact. The HOW.


After delving deep into the roots of our being, we embark on an extraordinary ascent, rising from the earth with heightened awareness towards our center—our trunk, where our “diamond body” or “alchemical body” resides. Here, we discover not only our desires and present reality but also HOW we offer our unique contributions to the world. This is the core of our project, the spine and backbone that will sustain both our endeavor and ourselves in the future. In this transformative stage in our ‘medio circle’, we embrace the four elements as our trusted allies and guides, harmonizing their energies to manifest our vision and purpose.


During these transformative sessions, we embark on an exploration of the ground upon which we stand in our professional journey. With a keen eye, we observe the dynamic environment surrounding us and gain a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in our field of work. We envision ourselves as a sprouting seed, with tender leaves and stems reaching above the surface, eager to navigate our professional landscape.

In this process, we intentionally direct our attention towards our colleagues and their perceived “success.” However, we approach this observation with mindfulness, aware of the potential comparison triggers that may arise. To mitigate these triggers, we call upon the compassionate presence of the “Wise Elder” within us — an inner guide who offers a perspective devoid of judgment or self-doubt. With this compassionate lens, we examine the successes of others as points of inspiration and lessons rather than sources of comparison.

What does success mean to us, personally, and in terms of our offerings? What sets us apart and makes us unique?

Through this process of self-reflection and differentiation, we gain clarity and confidence in our path. We recognize that success is not solely measured by external benchmarks but is defined by our personal values, growth, and the meaningful impact we create. As we honour our uniqueness and embrace our authentic journey, we unlock the potential to make a profound difference in our field and contribute our distinct voice to the world.


In the realm of Fire, we kindle the flames of our exploration, igniting a deeper understanding of what fuels our professional passion. We recognize that passion alone is not enough; it needs to be nourished and sustained to prevent burnout. We embark on a journey to examine our soul mission and its alignment with our professional endeavors, seeking to create a harmonious fusion between the two. We dive into the feelings evoked by this alignment, understanding that true fullfilment arises when our inner calling is woven seamlessly into our work.

What vision of a better world am we passionately driven by, and how can we contribute to its creation?

We explore the depths of our purpose, reflecting on how our unique skills, talents, and offerings can contribute to the realization of this vision. By aligning our soul mission with our professional endeavors, we not only find fulfillment but also become powerful agents of transformation. We recognize that our work can transcend mere personal success and become a catalyst for positive change in the world. As we embrace the transformative energy of Fire, we channel our passion into purpose, we burn old concepts and we kindle a flame that guides us towards creating a better world for ourselves and others.


The water element here becomes the focus of our inquiry. We examine our connections with others and the fluidity and depth of our communication. We reflect on how well we allow ourselves to be supported. We also take a closer look at our network of helpers, collaborators, potential partnerships, and ideal clients. Embodying the essence of water, we become relentless in forging new pathways, nurturing existing ones, and recognizing that we are both a drop in the ocean and the ocean within a drop.

How can we inspire others? Who is our ideal client?

By exploring these elemental aspects, we move closer to understanding the core of our brand and how we can authentically express ourselves in the world.


As we enter the realm of Air, we delve into the communication aspects and the wings our project needs to take flight. It is time to venture into the branches of our project, extending ourselves to wider circles and envisioning the reach and impact our endeavor can have. The energy begins to shift and quicken. Grounded with our feet on the earth, our roots deeply embedded in fertile soil, and our trunks strong, fluid, and healthy, we start to stretch our arms and hands into the space around us. We breathe deeply, opening up our wings, as the expansive sky eagerly awaits our ascent.

How do we choose to identify ourselves and our brand? What design formats are necessary, such as a website, leaflets, and more?

These inquiries guide us in shaping our brand’s voice and visual representation, ensuring that our communication aligns with our values, vision, and purpose. As we embrace the transformative power of Air, we prepare to soar and connect with the world, ready to share our message and engage with our audience in meaningful ways.

3 // The Branches: the path to radiant visibility

The YANG manifestation of our journey. The WHAT.


Having nurtured our projects to extend into the branches, we now travel through the outward spiral to witness the blossoming of fruits and flowers. Clarity has emerged, providing us with a clear understanding of WHAT we offer — the necessary steps, materials, and connections required to bring our ideas into tangible reality. Moving into our ‘macro circle’ we open our vision to the surrounding world and our collaborations.

In this phase of our Embodied Brand coaching journey, we transition into a deep Yang space. Our mental energy is activated as we naturally glance towards the future and the outside. Excitement and creativity surge, elevating our levels of electricity and focus. The sessions become vibrant and dynamic, as we embrace the momentum and envision the possibilities that lie ahead.

What will be our next practical steps? How will we make them happen? Where do we need support?

In this process, we also transcend the limitations of fear-based marketing. We courageously step away from the belief that we are not enough or lack resources. Instead, we embrace the abundance paradigm of co-creation, sharing, and supporting one another. We expand our horizons and communicate from a place of alignment and centeredness.

alchemical embodied brand coaching map by Camille Barrios
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Transmuting essence into impact

As we conclude this transformative journey of alchemical embodied brand coaching, we emerge with a deep sense of connection to ourselves, our purpose, and our brand’s impact. We feel the intricate tapestry of transformation reconnect with the sacred network of our body. A passage from lead to gold, from seed to fruit, from fear to freedom and visibility. We have nurtured our roots, embraced the alchemical process, and built a solid foundation that supports our growth and expansion.


With the wisdom of the elements and the power of our bodies, we have discovered the essence of our brand, aligning it with our authentic self-expression. Now, as we step forward with confidence and clarity, we radiate our unique brilliance and invite others to join us on this remarkable journey of endless possibilities. We contribute to a tapestry of growth, connection, and meaningful change. So, let us take this first step together, let me support you with a free embodied brand coaching call. Let us walk this path together and create a future where our embodied brands shine brightly, illuminating the way for ourselves and others.

Xx Camille