unbrand yourself, unapologetically.

~ embodied brand coaching ~

You matter. How you show up matters.

You have powerful energy and you are meant to shine.

I can help you embody it, communicate it and expand your branding visibility.

Are you stuck with feelings of not enoughness? Does this block you from stepping into your true visibility?

Does your mind run into overwhelm when planning your project and branding expansion?

Imagine turning off the constant chattering of your inner critic and accessing a deeper embodied knowing.

Now imagine that applied to your branding process. Boom!


What is embodiment and how does it blend into the sessions?

To be embodied is to learn to be fully present and comfortable in your own body. And when you access this embodied wisdom through movement, you free up blocked energy in a lasting and liberating way.

What if I told you that a different brand coaching technique is available for you that includes your body’s awareness? Where lovingly curated music is chosen for you in the moment to hold and support your process. Where you can safely tap into your deep somatic landscape with gentle gratitude and encourage transformation. A space where YOU are heard and seen in your exquisite uniqueness.


I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep questions. I help you find clarity in your professional strengths and gifts. I support you to fully self-express and follow your soul and intuitive guidance with sustainable practical work. Offering simple practical guided steps.

~ Words to inspire, resource and lean into ~

Ready for your branding journey?

1. Free Resources

Free branding course

Dare to Shine. A self paced, downloadable beautifully designed 24 page pdf editable booklet to explore your What, Why and How. With awesome curated playlists and welcome video.

What is your Why?

A playlist to connect to the roots and Why of your project. What did you dream of being as a child? What does living a fulfilled life look like to you? Why do you do what you do? Start from the beginning, tend to the roots.

Embody your Why

A free embodied enquiry with your Why. Why do you do what you do? Why is your purpose important? How can you create momentum and inspiration?

Free 60 minute branding call

I offer you a space to relax and connect deeper with your vision, what you want to manifest and what you might be struggling with. A great way to get to know each other and to plant the seeds for what’s next..

2. Unique brand coaching packages, group sessions & 1:1 time with me

embodied brand coaching course 1:1

Empowerment sessions

A week long 1:1 journey to find clarity and focus with specific brand questions you might have. We will use embodiment as our ally, leaning into somatic work and movement meditations.

exclusive embodied brand coaching package

Deep Alignment journey

3 month 1:1 embodied journey with deep, nurturing and focused brand coaching sessions & unique strategies designed just for you. We go deep and journey through the roots, trunk and branches of your project. Bonus? your beautiful new logo included.

movement medicine practice for overwhelm

Unbrand yourself

An 90 minute 1:1 embodied journey to find any blocks that may be holding you back. To shatter any limiting beliefs about visibility and reclaim your branding sovereignty.


Activate your Why

Online monthly mentoring group sessions to ignite your brand. 4 weeks. 4 sessions. 4 people. 4 elements. Kickstart your branding journey.

3. Templates & Design work

Social media templates

1 set of uniquely designed Social Media templates for instagram or facebook in Photoshop or Canva.  Plus one 1:1 call to get clarity on your Social media intentions.

Logo templates

Are you just starting or have low budget? Choose one logo from my exclusive existing templates and during our 1 hour call we will customise it together.

72 hour website creation

Contact me for a unique offering that can have your website ready in just 72 hours. Not suitable for all website needs, and you must have done all the branding preparatory work.

Exclusive branding kit

All exclusive and unique design work needed for you to start attracting your dream clients. Branding package includes: logo, website, social media templates & print materials. Very few spots available per year.

~ What other clients have experienced ~

branding client testimonial

“I particularly appreciated your brand coaching skills, the perfect balance between active listening, asking questions, and the integration of the emotional and physical intelligence in the field of our sharingI found your questions very on the spot, and it made me explore my identity and what I wanted to show about my brand from the core of my being, not only from a marketing perspective but from a soul’s calling perspective. And it was deeply meaningful, emotional, and precious to work from that space. I was really supported by your kindness, your deep peace and your ability to follow my rhythm, allowing me to respect my timing in every step.”

 ~Virginie, Coach

“As someone who has just started a new business, I really treasured the brand coaching sessions with Camille. They created a sense of ground and calmness underneath my vision and idea, as well as fresh inspirations for future steps to create a successful business. Together, we grew more roots and envisioned more branches of my little enterprise. I felt particularly supported, safe and encouraged by Camille’s warmth and by her compassion for the various challenges (emotional and otherwise) that I faced in this process of bringing my own brand into the world. Her feedback to what was there already (website), as well as her eye and ideas for further expansion was very helpful, and I felt in such safe hands, as Camille brings so much knowledge and experience in personal branding, design and marketing. I can highly recommend working with her.”

~ Hannah, Yoga and Conscious Movement Teacher

branding client testimonial
branding client testimonial

“Your way of brand coaching has been a life changing and affirmative journey. I would always see myself as a box of ideas, but somehow I was never able to find the ground for them to grow. I feel you have helped me untangle them. You have guided me to my inner light of knowing, by helping me get more into my body and trusting what it is wanting to say. I would highly recommend you to any of my clients/ partners that are birthing their new projects. The work you bring almost feels beyond just you and me. Thank you so much. It truly does feel that we are dancing more love into the World.”

 ~Kelly, Event producer and Change-maker
camille barrios embodied brand coach & movement medicine teacher

With more than 30 years of corporate identity experience and 10 years in personal development and embodied movement studies, I weave all of these areas together to offer you a very unique approach in design, embodiment, healing and as a brand consultant. I bring into our sessions the power of embodiment while leaning into the Movement Medicine Map and the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources.

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Why work with me?

“For your idea to have a big impact in this oversaturated market, one of the most important aspects of communication is to be congruent, and this means being congruent within yourself, with what you offer and with your clients. Think of this as three circles, like magnetic ripples expanding from your core vision into the immediate surroundings and out into the world wide web.


This is the core of what heart-centred branding means and I can help you get there feeling empowered and ready to navigate these waters, with simple guided steps, cheering you on and holding space for you to flourish into visibility and what you were meant to be and offer.


I will support you in taking time out for yourself by creating a nurturing space, helping you set up support systems and embodied resources to keep you connected and committed to your mission while enjoying the ride, all supported by a healthy dose of humour and compassion. We will celebrate together what you bring into this space and the successes you achieve along the way.”