step into aligned visibility the embodied way

~ embodied brand coaching ~

I accompany you to create your sacred space of deep transformation

Unblocking the fear of being seen. Avoiding overwhelm in the process. Letting our bodies express freely our emotions so they can transform. Working with the four elements as resources and guides. Let’s take a sacred focused journey together into your expansion.

We matter. How we show up matters. We have powerful energy and we are meant to shine. I can help you embody it, communicate it and expand your professional visibility.

Are you stuck with feelings of not enoughness? Does this block you from stepping into your true visibility? What does professional visibility mean for you? Does your mind run into overwhelm when planning your project and branding expansion? Or maybe your offerings are already there but you feel you are not a “brand” yet. Imagine turning off the constant chattering of your inner critic and accessing a deeper embodied knowing.

Let’s journey together

Calling all sacred rebels, dream weavers, heart activists and creative empaths. We are rising up and remembering who we truly are. We are shattering limiting beliefs about how we should launch our business. We are ready to rewrite our own story. Building a professional visual presence happens in Stages.


Custom branding or design solutions aren’t for everyone. In fact, before we start, we need to unbrand ourselves, this deep liberating alchemical process allows us to then rebrand into wholeness and success. These 3 stages of my embodied brand coaching path will let you understand where you are at the moment and what you need at each level to have the biggest impact and continue into deep flourishing.

embodied brand coaching journey form roots to branches
embodied brand coaching roots


As we build our brand in the early stages we start at the roots of our project. Becoming a seed in fertile, moist soil we listen to our Why. Maybe we feel we have an idea but it doesn’t have a clear form yet, or we want to realign deeply with our existing offerings.


We now have a good foundation and we are ready to grow and need help putting it out there in the best way possible, our How. This is the spine and backbone that will sustain our projects and vision. Exclusive 1:1 private and group sessions to manifest our stunning offerings.


Now we have clarity on all the materials we need, what we offer and how we are going to move forward. Get support with powerful templates or custom branding and website solutions. We are now moving into our What, the fruits of our heartfelt project.

embodied brand coaching sessions 1:1 group
alchemical embodied brand coaching map by Camille Barrios

What do we want to be known for? At the core of our being what ignites us?

The alchemical branding map of our journeys

Our professional identity evolves with us, we need to have that flexibility, we grow, move, evolve, change. We are organic beings and our branding identity needs to let us grow. At the same time for a personal branding to be efficient it needs to be a coherent and clear container. So we need to find that balance between flexibility and coherence. Our brand, our offering is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in. This is visibly expressed by why, what and how we do it.


In a way it’s like stepping away from the notion that we are “branded for life”. As we take our first steps into birthing our professional identity, we soften our bodies so we can have space for exploration and growth, a place to rest with our imperfect humanity and our authenticity.  So, could we think of branding as a relationship? An empowered relationship? We are unlearning, shifting to a more conscious, ethical relationship with our clients, groups, communities, etc. Shifting from a Me to a We.


As I have been finding out, any creative process or Branding journey requires to start with a deep listening, to step into our deep ‘Yin’ space, our roots, to listen and accept where we are and to open ourselves to what wants to emerge. It requires a birthing process. In the fertile dark earth we plant our seed. We will need it as we look into our mirror, as we enter our self reflection and questioning, as we sense in our bodies our alignment with what we want to offer, our power.


We then naturally move to a ‘Yang’ space to give it form, to shape it, to give it strength, protection. To let that seed sprout and move upwards into the light, through the trunk to protect those tender stems and small leaves as it grows strong and eventually creates strong branches and fruits.

~ What it’s like to work with me ~

“I particularly appreciated your coaching skills, the perfect balance between active listening, asking questions, and the integration of the emotional and physical intelligence in the field of our sharing. I found your questions very on the spot, and it really made me explore my identity and what I wanted to show about my brand from the core of my being, not from a marketing perspective but from a soul’s calling perspective. And it was deeply meaningful, emotional, and precious to work from that space. it has opened up a creative space in me to stem from as I play with the name and the presentation of my practice. Very joyful and meaningful. I was really supported by your kindness, your deep peace and your ability to follow my rhythm, allowing me to respect my timing in every step.”

~ Virginie, Coach

“Your way of brand coaching has been a life changing and affirmative journey. I would always see myself as a box of ideas, but somehow I was never able to find the ground for them to grow. I feel you have helped me untangle them. You have guided me to my inner light of knowing, by helping me get more into my body and trusting what it is wanting to say. I would highly recommend you to any of my clients/ partners that are birthing their new projects. The work you bring almost feels beyond just you and me. Thank you so much. It truly does feel that we are dancing more love into the World.”

 ~ Kelly, Event producer and Change-maker

“As someone who has just started a new business, I really treasured the brand coaching sessions with Camille. They created a sense of ground and calmness underneath my vision and idea, as well as fresh inspirations for future steps to create a successful business. Together, we grew more roots and envisioned more branches of my little enterprise. I felt particularly supported, safe and encouraged by Camille’s warmth and by her compassion for the various challenges (emotional and otherwise) that I faced in this process of bringing my own brand into the world. Her feedback to what was there already (website), as well as her eye and ideas for further expansion was very helpful, and I felt in such safe hands, as Camille brings so much knowledge and experience in personal branding, design and marketing. I can highly recommend working with her.”

~ Hannah, Yoga and Conscious Movement Teacher

“I had already taken personal branding courses, but no one had ever accompanied me in this way. The work with Camille was profound and transformative, I found answers I had been circling around for a long time without coming to terms with. I would say it was unconscious work, the answers emerged naturally stimulated by movement during the sessions. Rather than giving ‘textbook’ notions, they paved a way, set in motion a process that is continuing to grow. I am very happy to have participated in this course, the best gift I could have given myself.”

~ Cristina, Storyteller & creative coach

“I was looking for a designer who could understand me in all my diversity and include in the work both artistic approach and movement approach to shape the design and to translate my activity in. My experience with Camille was very interesting, It felt like a flower that opened session after session to reach the final version. I felt listened and all my ideas had been taken into account during the design process. It was like a dance together, a co-creation. So good!”

~ Olivia, Intuitive pianist

Not quite ready for any stage yet? Start with this amazing free gift.

You might not be ready for these offerings or maybe you just want to get a sense of what and how I offer it. That’s exactly why I created the free Dare to Shine course. It’s full of resources to help you build your brand the right way in the early stages of business. Step into your life purpose and dare to shine without overwhelm.

Would you like to have a talk with me? Try a free brand activation call.

During our call I will work in an intuitive way depending on the questions that you bring. You will receive guidance, simple next steps and clear information that you can take with you. No strings attached. No further commitment needed. Really. If you discover that you do wish to continue on other branding packages (wow!), the Discovery Call will be the basis for our journey together.

 Why do I use embodiment and how does it blend into the sessions?

To be embodied is to learn to be fully present and comfortable in your own body. And when we access this embodied wisdom through movement, we free up blocked energy in a lasting and liberating way.

What if I told you that a different brand coaching technique is available for us that includes our body’s awareness? Where lovingly curated music is chosen in the moment to hold and support our process. Where we can safely tap into our deep somatic landscape with gentle gratitude and encourage transformation. A space where we are heard and seen in our exquisite uniqueness.

I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep questions. I help you find clarity in your professional strengths and gifts. I weave my 30 years of design and branding experience with 10 years of somatic and personal empowerment studies. I support you to fully self-express and follow your soul and intuitive guidance with sustainable practical work. Offering simple practical guided steps.

embodied brand coaching session online 1:1 camille barrios

More amazing resources on how to step into aligned visibility

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