embodied practice for overwhelm

4 step embodied practice for overwhelm


Fist step. Your journey begins here, take a moment to stop what you’re doing.

Stop all inner and outer movement and stand quietly in the middle of your circle. Just observe what is happening in your body.

What are the sensations in your body? What secrets is your heart whispering in this moment? How is your mind racing? What stories are you telling yourself? Witness with compassion and without judgement.


From this space of inner listening, take a moment to connect to your breath.

Put a hand on your belly, and if it feels good, one in your heart, and just start taking deep breaths, without having to “do” anything, just connect to the soothing quality of your breath and notice it becoming slower, deeper and feel the expansion it is creating in your body. 


Start rocking your body slowly from one side to the other or from front to back with very small movements. And whenever your body has an impulse to move any of it’s parts, give it permission.

Say yes to movement. Maybe it’s a finger, maybe it’s your neck, go with small repetitive movements, and if you feel safe and want to explore more, let that movement expand.

Don’t have preconceived ideas of what your “dance” should look like, all is welcome here and remember, take care of your body!


Stay connected to your inner listening, your “interoception”, and whenever you feel you are reaching an overwhelm in your nervous system, let the movement slow down and come back to a gentle pause.

From this space breathe deeply, feel your body, open your eyes, see the space you are in and notice one object in the room. Keep your focus.

Stay with your breath and whenever you are ready again, let the body go into gentle movement and let it expand to whatever intensity you feel comfortable with.

pause. breathe. dance. repeat. 

Get your favourite tune out for this exercise or listen to the spotify music playlist link below.

I also recommend having a look at this YouTube video where you can find some more explanation and a bit more embodied guidance.