alchemy of the heart

~ embodied cacao ceremony ~

Cacao ceremony to connect to your own wild, ancestral and sacred self.

Offering your heart to the Sacred Cacao elixir is to open the door to a gentle, accepting and wise old teacher. Prepare to welcome magic transformation into your life.

It is the medicine of the tropical forest, weaving its rich, earthy texture and smell around you like a sweet grandmother’s hug. When you tune respectfully into the intention of self-transformation a beautiful, gentle golden alchemy is created. It can open our hearts, create deeper connection with the natural world, our intuition and any unseen guidance.

Connect to Cacao online or in presence. Click on an event below.

Let’s connect with Cacao

Before any ritual I invite a simple and clear preparation. During the ritual, we share intentions and emotions, we connect through our moving bodies in ecstatic conscious dance and we drink Cacao together. At any moment you will be encouraged to follow your own body intuition, this may mean you wish to stop movement and rest, or not drink anymore, in any case you decide what is best for you. Every person is different and the invitation is to let go of expectations and trust that your journey was exactly what was needed.

I bring forth into the space our ancestral, wild and sacred selves. With the support at my back of the Venezuelan Amazonian forest and ancestors. We connect deeply to the 4 elements inside of us through movement and music always guided by the nourishing spirit of this plant. Cacao loves to move bodies, hearts and minds.

How to prepare your own Cacao

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that has been used for centuries to heal and connect with the heart. Learn how to make your own cup at home with a video I created, where to buy online and some recipes you can enjoy.

Book a 1:1 session with me

Alchemical Sacred Space, a beautiful online bespoke Cacao ritual for you to connect to this gentle and powerful plant ally. We will include mindful movement, music and I will guide you to prepare your own cup if this is your first time.

Let’s co-create magic

Guided by Cacao, I love to weave this medicine into other spaces. Get in touch to let me bring magic sacredness to your offerings and events or any significant personal celebration or rite of passage. Online or in presence.

cacao ceremony embodied

“Ceremonies are the way we remember to remember” ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

The divine gift of Cacao for me

In 2016 the sweet sacred medicine of Cacao found me during a trip to England. In the ceremony I felt like my abuela had come to hold me in her arms all night. I have been working with Cacao and for Cacao since then. Working very personally to heal my feminine lineage, with my connection to my womb and cycles. These were the moments that for me held deep medicine with my ancient roots, my vulnerability, my strength and my own medicine and divine connection. With Cacao I have taken a journey to start to heal my inner child as well as healing my Venezuelan roots and all the history that my powerful, complex and wild country has with Cacao including the wounds of african slavery and indigenous culture assault. Did you know that some DNA studies suggest that the very first trees of Cacao were born in Venezuela bordering Colombia?


That is my connection to this medicine, I bring forth into the space our ancestral, wild and sacred selves. With the support at my back of the Amazonian forest, it’s magnificent ‘tepuys’ and my ancestors. We connect deeply to the 4 elements inside of us through movement and music. And always guided by the nourishing spirit of this plant. Cacao loves to be moved and to move bodies, hearts and minds. That is why I hold ceremonies always with my beloved Movement Medicine practice and its powerful mandala which also has a deep connection to the Amazonian jungle.


My intention is to hold transformative, inclusive and nurturing spaces where we can dive deep and journey into our center to transform, clarify, listen and connect to our sacred bodies and hearts and fly free of the constraints of the perceived stories. All are welcome, this is an inclusive sacred space beyond religions and beliefs. I connect to the Great Mystery and let it flow through me, uniting a very personal tantric alchemical energy connecting the earth and sky, the feminine and masculine. And above all, freedom.

~ Beautiful Cacao sharings ~

“Here I am to thank you again for a beautiful day. The effect of silence, connection and well-being lasted a long time. The first thing I felt on arriving there was great care and attention. I felt welcomed and ‘seen’ and throughout the day I appreciated this particular quality. In the hall I immediately felt a very deep quality of silence and your conducting is really attentive, gentle and strong. The words you use, the music, the movements, the objects…everything speaks of great competence, that competence that is earned over years and years…The dance and Cacao then…fantastic! I felt that you were there, really, with yourself and with each other, present and respectful, eager to make everyone experience, in their own way, the richness you bring. I felt no ego, no need to ‘do’ or express or show yourself, but a great generosity and a putting yourself at service.”

~ Antonella Fracasso, Psychologist and family constellations

“Like every time, dancing with you is an enriching and uplifting experience for the soul. This time, however with Cacao, it was an explosion of emotions, I was so moved at various moments, I felt a connection with mother earth like never before, the trees and all of us brothers and sisters, I felt a strong call for the womb of the mother, represented in the forest. In the days that followed, a sense of peace and a beautiful, clean, pure energy has not yet left me, I am often moved, and the feelings I experienced in that magical, very ‘human’ place resurface. Precious nourishment for the soul, especially now we need it so much! The disarming beauty of Nature, wise, powerful, in its perfect imperfection, with your guidance in dance, was a teacher of life, generous and loving.”

~ Monica, Health worker

“Thank you wonderful soul, thank you to the dance of life and Cacao for leading you into my life. An honour to know you and that you started walking my way, with such gratitude and thankfulness I too am all vibrating still to the cells of how I was able to let myself go to the dance of the soul that like a wave was passing through me and I felt mixed together with Cacao as if I had fallen into the pot and you were preparing this sacred and wonderfully magical potion, medicine for our body and there I am mixing and blending with Cacao.”

~ Elisa

“Thank you again for yesterday. It was indeed an experience of great joy and openness, a warm flow of energy in the body, a clarity of vision and an increased power of imagination… Thank you!  I am still enjoying so much beauty, keeping a candle lit, enjoying the silence of a day of rest with myself.”

~ Alessia

“I really enjoyed the online call with Camille, sharing a cup of ceremonial Cacao while diving into the topic of where to begin with my new project. I loved how Camille started the call with opening the ceremonial space and the body through shaking and movement. This helped me to become more centred and clear. Camille brought a very light, playful and trusting energy into the session, integrating a powerful meditation to help visualising where I am at right now. I felt very empowered and motivated to start with the first steps of my new project after the call and love the rich and beautiful material she offered me afterwards. It feels like from here I can start to create. Thank you so much for your trustful guidance, Camille!”

~ Susanne, Humanistic psychotherapist

Enjoy specially curated music I’ve created for my rituals

Connect personally with love to these free conscious music mixes. These mixes have been especially created by me for my Cacao ceremonies and rituals. 

Honouring Cacao in ceremony

Although the plant is native to the tropical Mesoamerican areas, recent DNA studies have discovered that the Criollo Cacao tree originates from the Venezuelan jungles region in the Andes foothills near Colombia. The natives in this region called “Timotes’ and ‘Cuicas’ drank a fermented Cacao drink called ‘Chorote”. Then, thousands of years ago, it travelled into Central America where it became the center of rites and ceremonies and elevated to one of the foundations of the Mayan and Aztec traditions. It was known by them as the ‘drink of the gods’ and thankfully preserved by their indigenous wisdom in these powerful Mesoamerican regions.


The Cacao plant has a distinct spirit and coming into reciprocal communication with it, it’s origin and it’s properties is essential to create a harmonious ceremonial experience. Gratitude, respect and awareness for it’s ancestral history which also includes the wounds of slavery, consumerism and colonisation is crucial to connect to the sacredness of this plant and help her and us return golden. Giving back to the people who harvested it with respect and for the nature that protected it is also part of my relationship with Cacao. Making sure I always source it from south or central american indigenous families or cooperatives that grow the Cacao sustainably and ethically.


The Cacao rituals I offer are held with clear intention and respect. When shared in this way, it can have unique spiritual and emotional effects. Before ceremonies I invite a simple a clear preparation, and during the ritual we take time to fully connect and let the magic in. There are very few contraindications so please email before if you want to attend.

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