be moved by life.

I am Camille.

Movement Medicine Teacher & Embodied Brand Coach.

I hold transformative and nurturing spaces to help you reconnect to your intuition and life purpose. 

Nurture your flow. 

Expand your joy.

The ways in which we can be moved are endless.

It is in our wild unbroken nature to be moved by life. The question is: do you take time to listen to this natural impulse? Daring to move each fiber of your being towards fierce and magical fulfilment?

Whether it’s coming to a Movement Medicine workshop to dance, connect and release in a safe environment. Or whether you are looking for a 1:1 embodied branding session to manifest your soul’s calling. The common thread is exquisite radical presence.

My name is Camille Barrios, and as a designer with 30 years experience and brand coach, I help unique individuals, change makers, heart activists, embodiment teachers, healers and soulful entrepreneurs to find clarity in their vision, grow their impact and build a soul-aligned brand. I offer simple and effective tools, deep listening skills and step-by-step guidance.

As a fully qualified Movement Medicine teacher, with 10 years in various embodied practices, I also offer transformative classes, unique retreats, awesome curated music journeys, cacao ceremonies and 1:1 lovingly crafted movement sessions.

Read below for more info or write me an email to connect and envision together.


Movement Medicine


Find classes, workshops and online sessions to unwind, nourish and reconnect to your vitality. Move your body and awaken your mind.


Embodied Brand Coaching


Manifest your potential with 1:1 sessions, freebies and tips to clarify your soul aligned branding. Take one first simple step here.


Cacao Ceremonies


Let’s share a cup of Cacao together and be prepared to weave magic into your life. Discover deep meaning with this heart opening sacred elixir.

















Radical presence. Embodied living.

It is your birthright to shine.

Your body stores information essential for your wellbeing, and it is your purpose in this life to decolonise, liberate and transform your limited perceptions of what you can or can’t do.

It’s about finding sanctuary in the space between your bones, muscles and heartbeat. With your relations in your longing and resistance. In the space between you and whatever supports or guides you.

Movement never leaves you.

It is present in your chest’s delicate expansion and contraction, or in the imperceptible movement of a single strand of hair. It is there in an fiery hand gesture, in a releasing jump or in a soft rocking.

It is that whisper that tells you, you are safe my darling, you are safe and you are wildly alive.

~ What people are saying ~

“Camille is a fantastic listener, she guided me with her questions to aspects I hadn’t thought of yet. Professional, empathetic, responsible and sensitive for the silent messages or unspoken questions – that is the way I experienced her in our sessions. I felt seen and confirmed. To show up and to be seen the way I really am in my profession, is a delicate matter and it needs a really good guide and visual translator that is able to combine professional knowledge with empathy and creativity. Camille is really good in all of these aspects and I heartily recommend her for this special moment of creating or reshaping our own brand.” 

~Martina, Consultant

“I met Camille in a Movement Medicine class held by her. The quality of what she brings through dance and music creates a space of introspection and connection which is rare to come by. The simplicity, care, depth, presence and attention that characterises her work, make her events a place in which you can feel completely welcomed and accompanied. I feel deeply grateful to know that there are hearts like hers, that know how to bring into the world and to the people she meets a warm illuminating awareness.”

~ Ines, Chef

Your way of coaching has been a life changing and affirmative journey. I would always see myself as a box of ideas, but somehow I was never able to find the ground for them to truly grow. I feel you have helped me untangle. You have guided me to my inner light of knowing, by helping me get more into my body and trusting what it is wanting to say. I would highly recommend you to any of my clients/ partners that are in the process of birthing their new projects. The work you bring almost feels beyond just me and you. Thank you so much. It truly does feel that we are dancing more love into the World. 

~Kelly, Event producer and Change-maker

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