you can feel's time for a change.

~ expand your visibility & minimise overwhelm ~

Calling all sacred rebels, dream weavers, heart activists and creative empaths.

You are rising up and remembering who you truly are. You are shattering limiting beliefs about how you should launch your business. You are ready to rewrite your own story.


Deep transformation takes time… but not your personal branding. Let me help you help others.

You’ve been here before . . .

You are stepping into your full potential and it feels terrifying. You feel you are too much, not enough or no one will truly understand you. You feel confused and overwhelmed, you need to get it perfect and you are stuck. You want to reveal your uniqueness. No compromises.

You feel time is running out and you are still on the sidelines.

I  got you.

I’ve been there myself. And I’ve worked with many clients like you.

Personal branding often feels like walking into a full bright empty stage.

How does that feel in your body? scary? overwhelming?

Let’s take a breath together.  And feel how your nervous system relaxes knowing you are supported.

At the same time…

You are hungry for an inner revolution, for something that will allow deep transformation and healing. You are ready to quit that job, change your life, step into a soul purpose career.

And you need guidance on how to be more visible.

What if I told you:

Before you “brand yourself” you need to “unbrand yourself”? And that what you are searching for is already within your body?

I will show you how to reach into your intuitive body language to find your true voice. Let go of preconceived notions on how things “should be done” and instead follow your inner wisdom.

Find embodied freedom in your sovereign body, heart and mind.

Then together we will apply all that you’ve discovered into your personal branding.

Your uniqueness. Your path. No compromises.

Conscious branding

For the full listing of heart aligned brand coaching resources click here

printable pdf branding course

Free Dare to Shine course

A self paced, downloadable beautifully designed 24 page pdf editable booklet to explore your What, Why and How. With awesome curated playlists and welcome video.

ipad with brand coaching course

Empowerment sessions

A 7 day 1:1 time together to find clarity and focus with specific brand questions you might have. We will use embodiment as our ally, leaning into somatic work and movement meditations.

ipad with exclusive brand coaching package

Deep Alignment 1:1 journey

A 3 month deep, nurturing and focused embodied brand coaching journey with individual strategies designed just for you. Align your personal brand awareness and weave your vision. Bonus? Your beautiful new logo included.

person working on computer and social media

Social Media templates

Looking for beautiful instagram, facebook or pinterest templates? Look no further, book a call to receive unique designs based on your branding. You have a story to share, start inspiring people!

Find your Wild.

Nurture your flow, expand into joy. Solace for your body and soul.

group of people dancing in class

Movement Medicine

Dance events, retreats, online classes, 1:1 sessions, embodied meditations and playlists. Join a community of like minded souls and step into radical presence!

woman sitting in cacao circle

Cacao ceremonies

Let’s share a cup of Cacao together and be prepared to weave magic into your life. Whether it’s a circle, an online session or a 1:1 ritual, discover deep meaning with this heart opening sacred elixir.

woman listening to playlist on headphones

Free curated playlists

Get your groove on wherever you fancy. Dance, connect and embody your true essence with these lovingly curated music playlists on Mixcloud. Or connect with me in Spotify.

golden threads in sunlight

Alchemical Gold

An 90 minute 1:1 intuitive session with Cacao & mindful movement to release any blocks that may be holding you back. Connect to your unbroken self in a safe setting uniquely attuned to your needs in that moment.

~ What it’s like to work with me ~

branding client testimonial

“As someone who has just started a new business, I really treasured the brand coaching sessions with Camille. They created a sense of ground and calmness underneath my vision and idea, as well as fresh inspirations for future steps to create a successful business. Together, we grew more roots and envisioned more branches of my little enterprise. I felt particularly supported, safe and encouraged by Camille’s warmth and by her compassion for the various challenges (emotional and otherwise) that I faced in this process of bringing my own brand into the world. Her feedback to what was there already (website), as well as her eye and ideas for further expansion was very helpful, and I felt in such safe hands, as Camille brings so much knowledge and experience in personal branding, design and marketing. I can highly recommend working with her.”

~ Hannah, Yoga and Conscious Movement Teacher

Your way of brand coaching has been a life changing and affirmative journey. I would always see myself as a box of ideas, but somehow I was never able to find the ground for them to grow. I feel you have helped me untangle them. You have guided me to my inner light of knowing, by helping me get more into my body and trusting what it is wanting to say. I would highly recommend you to any of my clients/ partners that are birthing their new projects. The work you bring almost feels beyond just you and me. Thank you so much. It truly does feel that we are dancing more love into the World.
~Kelly, Event producer and Change-maker
branding client testimonial

“I really enjoyed the free call with Camille, sharing a cup of ceremonial Cacao while diving into the topic of where to begin with my new project. I loved how Camille started the call with opening the ceremonial space and the body through shaking and movement. This helped me to become more centred and clear. Camille brought a very light, playful and trusting energy into the session, integrating a powerful meditation to help visualising where I am at right now. I felt very empowered and motivated to start with the first steps of my new project after the free call and love the rich and beautiful material she offered me afterwards. It feels like from here I can start to create. Thank you so much for your trustful guidance, Camille!”

~ Susanne 

I met Camille in a Movement Medicine class led by her. The quality of what she brings through dance and music creates a space of introspection and sharing that is sometimes rare to experience. The simplicity, care, depth, presence and attention that characterise her work make her meetings a place where you can feel completely welcomed and accompanied. I feel deeply grateful to know that there are hearts, like hers, that know how to bring to the world and to the people they meet a warm illumination of consciousness.
~Ines, Chef

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