welcome home to your radical sacred space

~ body, heart and mind ~

I accompany you to create your alchemical space of deep transformation

What you are matters. What you offer matters. What you envision matters. In your embodied presence, alchemy happens, it is only waiting for you to tune in and let it emerge.

Explore the intelligence of your body with the support of a liberating somatic practice called Movement Medicine™. Connect your heart with a Cacao Ceremony in a deep, respectful and embodied way. Or maybe your mind is curious about my work as an Embodied Brand Coach, or in other words how I accompany you to step into visibility in an embodied, ethical and soul aligned way.

I will guide you and bring you back to your body, because all of your answers are in there. Just give it space, movement, presence and love, let it amaze you with its respectful power and let it expand in a unique and truthful way. Feel your presence in essence. Your essence in presence.

How we can work together, body, heart and mind:

Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine™

cacao ceremonies cerimonia cacao

Cacao Ceremony

Embodied brand coaching

Embodied Brand Coaching

~ Upcoming events online & in presence ~

camille barrios movement medicine
camille barrios embodied brand coach
camille barrios cacao ceremony

Pleased to meet you, I’m Camille.

PathFinder. SacredRebel. HeartAlchemist. VisionWeaver.

I am moved by ecstatic moments and poetic words. By deep shamanic connection to nature and sacred plant wisdom and the elements. I am moved by beauty, art and harmony. By sacred spaces that offer emotional release and deep respectful transformation. I am moved by divine connection with consciousness, with tantric energy running up through my body and beyond. By my ancient, complex and powerful Venezuelan lineage as well as my wandering and travelling self that loves the world and speaks three languages. I am moved by life and I move life. A fiery-latin and ethereal-radical being.

I am a carrier of contrasts, a manifesting generator that uses incredible amount of energy, focus, creativity and manifestation and then enjoys a nothing-day spent on my sofa watching TV to calm my brain. A ceremonial Cacao lover with a sweet spot for potato chips or as I call them ‘ecstatic crisps’. A Libra with Aries ascendant in 0° alignment, finding balance between the Us and the Me. An urban spirit that moves well in big cities in synergy with a very deep nature lover that can spend an afternoon leaning and talking to trees.

I am a mom of an amazing 21 year old empath and highly sensitive daughter to whom I owe the beginning of the deepest personal transformation ever. I married my best friend, an Italian sci-fi and math lover. We have found a very beautiful equilibrium that keeps us both grounded and expanded. We have also been found to enjoy lazy Italian prosecco afternoons while discussing which is better Star Trek or Star Wars (hint for me: Luke Skywalker).

I once read that wisdom is embodied knowledge, so whatever I share in these pages and in my offerings has gone through my own personal deep work and harvest. I deeply trust this internal process and I also believe that my truth is not THE truth. So please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. I value freedom above anything else. Let’s move into Trust together, body heart and mind. Pause. Breathe. Dance. Repeat.

~ What it’s like to work with me ~

“I met Camille in a Movement Medicine class led by her. The quality of what she brings through dance and music creates a space of introspection and sharing that is sometimes rare to experience. The simplicity, care, depth, presence and attention that characterise her work make her meetings a place where you can feel completely welcomed and accompanied. I feel deeply grateful to know that there are hearts, like hers, that know how to bring to the world and to the people they meet a warm illumination of consciousness.”

~ Ines, Chef

“Again, thank you for the profound session yesterday morning, I can still feel the powerful energy that took me on an incredible journey with myself and my femininity. These meetings that you organise from a distance are extremely important for me, for us. Your sessions allow us to work deep into our being and bring us into this space of meditation and healing that you allow us to experience. I am filled with gratitude for your humility, your rightness, your alignment, your teachings, the beauty of your soul.”

~ Stella, Shamanic Practitioner

“Camille…beautiful soul, I thank you for having accompanied me along a tiring stretch of road, laden with burdens that I no longer have the strength to carry…I am sure this moment with Cacao was waiting for me and it was important to experience it with so much acceptance and love, I felt the delicacy of gestures and words that need no comment, it is a process that happened in a wonderful and unexpected way. I am grateful. Feeling my pulse…I was very afraid of not feeling it any more, no movement, no sensation, no emotion, then the earth gave me a sign, so powerful…there was a connection… It was strong, painful… I will return to you, returning is a feeling of trust, of love and joy I want to give myself, a music I want to listen to and a dance I want to dance, life.”

~ Silvia

“Camille is a fantastic listener, she guided me with her questions to aspects I hadn’t thought of yet. Professional, empathetic, responsible and sensitive for the silent messages or unspoken questions – that is the way I experienced her in our sessions. I felt seen and confirmed. To show up and to be seen the way I really am in my profession, is a delicate matter and it needs a really good guide and visual translator that is able to combine professional knowledge with empathy and creativity. Camille is really good in all of these aspects and I heartily recommend her for this special moment of creating or reshaping our own brand.”

~ Martina, Organisational Developer & Business Coach

“Camille is a profound connoisseur of the human soul. She was able to channel and express what I was looking for. I can only highly recommend her: she knows what she is doing and where to take you: she creates sacred moments of communicative awareness and opens up important visions about your calling on many levels. I am very grateful to her.”

~ Milena Drolma, CoreDance and women’s empowerment

Want some ideas on where to start body, heart and mind?

Free Resources

Get Free Stuff. Whether it’s an online Movement Medicine session, free conscious music playlists, a video to prepare a Ceremonial Cacao cup with 4 recipes or a free visibility course called Dare to Shine.  Click below to explore. You’re welcome!

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Let’s connect deeply

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Why we could be a good fit

All of us is welcome here. Our uniqueness. Our freedom. Our sacred rebel selves.

My way is completely unique as I bring a holistic and conscious mind-body-heart approach to my spaces. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate heart listening and deep questions.  I am at ease weaving diverse worlds together, this is part of my medicine. My ease with technology and the digital world, I was on board as a teen in 1983 with the first IBM PC. My deep love and shamanic approach to the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) and the Cacao Spirit as powerful and sacred allies. My international sense of being an immigrant and an emigrant and my three mother tongue languages: english, spanish and italian. I love diverse connections and thrive when we connect with radical authenticity, respect and sacred openness.

I will support you in taking time out for yourself by creating a nurturing inclusive space, helping you set up support systems and resources to keep you connected and committed to your mission while enjoying the ride, all supported by a healthy dose of latina fiery humour, focused structured goals and sweet compassion. We will celebrate together what you bring into this space and the successes you achieve along the way.

I bring 30 years of experience as a succesful Art Director and Graphic Designer in the branding field with my Milan based design studio and 15 years in the embodied and shamanic self development field. Weaving the urban with the natural world, the rational with the intuitive, the international with the local, the practical with the creative, the body with the mind, the yin with the yang. If anything resonates, let’s connect and have a chat or feel free to drop me a line anytime. Feeling deep gratitude for your time.

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