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Learn to be fully present and comfortable in your body = to be embodied

Join me in a process of self-discovery and learn how to inhabit yourself with joy, freedom and love.

Movement Medicine™ is a liberating mindful movement practice that provides a safe, inclusive and nourishing space for you to: Drop into your body and reconnect to your true essence. Discover and receive what you truly desire. Align your body, heart and mind. Feel what supports and nourishes you. Learn how to contact the natural elements and resource yourself. Invite your emotions to flow with more ease and awareness. Live your fulfilled life with inspiration and purpose. Dance like nobody’s watching.

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Nurture your flow, expand your joy

Unwind, relax, play, discover and reconnect deeply with yourself and the elements of nature around us. Enjoy a liberating movement meditation practice and welcome yourself as you are. No dance ‘abilities’ required, no steps or choreography to memorise. Just the emerging of your own unique movement: if you have a body you can dance!

All movement medicine™ events are available in English, Spanish or Italian upon request and are gender, age, spiritual, physical abilities (but please be in touch before as not all venues are appropriate) and race inclusive. Drop me an email if you have any questions.

Try a free Movement Medicine™ session

From the comfort of your home, dance with me with this beautiful pre-recorded audio session. Pressence. Your essence in presence, your presence in essence. Available in english, italian and spanish.

Book a 1:1 online session

Do you resonate with this practice and want to have a 1:1 Movement Medicine™  private session? We can dance together with a specific issue in a more private and focused way.

Stilling of the heart

Explore a free journey, where we dance with our acceptance and the seed of our purpose. The first tender buds under the earth defy the cold currents rising up towards the sun, letting themselves be seen in all their vulnerability.

what is movement medicine milano

How does it feel to really come back home to your body?

The gift of embodiment and movement

After a very difficult moment in my life 12 years ago, where my vital energy was just slipping away, I was shown by the grace of life the power of embodied and transformation practices. I began to come back home into my body, to reclaim it, free it, empower it and divinely surrender to it, a place I would never leave again. I came back home.   


In 2015 I found my second life path in Movement Medicine, uniting all of my being in one practice by integrating shamanic, therapeutic, scientific and artistic intelligence, and especially I had found my teachers in beautiful English Devon lands: Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan. With them and their practice I have powerfully and lovingly transformed so much during my own Apprenticeship journey. I have done 72 hour and 48 hour dance ceremonies in the English countryside. I have literally digged my grave and slept under the earth while having a conversation with benevolent death. We have worked with amazing gestalt, constellation and shamanic embodied practices under the wisdom of the Great Mystery or as they like to call it: ‘The Great Choreographer‘. My deepest gratitude to them and our Mesa. Together with the 4 elements, theirs is the map and 21 gateways I use when I invite our bodies into movement through Cacao, Embodied Branding and Dance.


This embodied reconnection of coming back home to the body happened again strongly, as I imagine for many of us during pandemic years and after being discovered ‘by chance’ an AVM in my brain, life was clearly showing me the need to literally remove the blocks to continue living life fully, without fear. This was one of my biggest life initiations so far. With my dance practice (and Cacao) I allowed my body to remain open, balanced, to express fear, sadness, fury, to let it move and transform in me and out of me. And bring me to this place of healing and ultimate trust, to allow my body to let go and be healed by other’s hands. This created such an exquisite (and alive) space that it can now be filled with incantations and new thoughts.


And ultimately this was it. Trust. This is what I have been unconsciously working for all my life, and what I want to share with you. You are not alone. You are held by exquisite energies if you take the time, respect and consciousness to open to them. You now welcome your edges and extremes and bring them together in deep alchemy in your body, heart and mind. You are loved and supported by seen and unseen forces. Connect deeply with them and move and be moved by them. You my sweetheart are ready to move and be moved by life!

~ What it’s like to dance with me ~

“I discovered Movement Medicine with Camille a year ago, and it has become an unmissable weekly appointment. Appointment with myself, in this unique place, where I can express myself, without the pressure of my inner judge, or external gazes. Appointment with this seemingly enchanted space, held by Camille who has infused us with so much respect, delicacy and depth. A place where one cannot make mistakes, but only express oneself and experience, each at one’s own pace. Appointment with the Movement Medicine community, this family founded on a common language: the expression of freedom through one’s own movement. Movement Medicine is definitely a “preventive medicine”, valuable for all people in search of deep healing of body and soul.”

~ Julia Rajacic, Art curator

A great discovery that allowed me to experience the intelligence and wisdom of the body and to regain confidence. It gave me the opportunity to experience the medicine that through spontaneous, authentic movement the body brings to itself and to the other. It is a practice that I loved and ‘felt’ right from the start, and one that I took great advantage of! I felt ‘at home’. I loved the ancient wisdom and knowledge that Camille brought.

~ Simona, Clearer & personal growth guide

“I met Camille in a Movement Medicine class led by her. The quality of what she brings through dance and music creates a space for introspection and sharing that is sometimes rare to experience. The simplicity, care, depth, presence and attention that characterise her work make her meetings a place where one can feel completely welcomed and accompanied. I feel profoundly grateful to know that there are hearts, like hers, that know how to bring warm enlightenment into the world and to the people they meet.”

~ Ines Isella, Chef

“Movement Medicine is not interested in your physical form, it is about connecting with yourself and being spiritually open to experiment with the elements of nature. It brings into play the expressiveness of your inner body, your soul, which shapes your outer body whatever its form. In fact, MM taps into that wise and invisible part of you that, while expressing itself through body movement, heals it, and the more it expresses itself the more it connects you to Mother Earth, in an embrace that fills you with love and peace. The mind calms down and you live the present with a different, more vital and luminous awareness.”

~ Giuliana Paganini, TV Content Producer

“Thank you sooooo much for the amazing dance tonight. I was and still am deeply moved. I love your style of teaching and your music. Your guidance was so beautiful and touching…”

~ Bene

Free curated conscious dance playlists

Discover amazing curated Mixcloud mixes for a deep dance journey. Use them in the comfort of your home or to have a dance out in nature, feel free to connect in movement with friends and loved ones, or use in your own personal rituals at home (with Cacao as well).

What is movement medicine™?

Recent studies have shown how dance helps to reinforce new neural connections, improving your mind’s health and your body’s well being, stability, balance and flexibility.

~ By bringing awareness to your body: you reconnect to your essence and wisdom, encouraging health and self-expression. Your body releases tension with a selected blend of supportive music as your guide. You remember your connection to the four elements (earth, water, air, fire) and the Tree of Life. Developing your relationship with these elements as resources is an important aspect of the practice.

~ By bringing awareness to your heart: you connect deeply with yourself, with others and with the mystery of life. You allow support to enter your life as you start to build your own personal circle and recognize how to safely stand in your own center. You welcome yourself and others with gratitude, openess and curiosity.

~ By bringing awareness to your mind: you realise you can let go of old belief systems and patterns. You feel the clarity of your inner guidance help you make sustainable choices for yourself and the world you inhabit. Your mind is now an ally held in the safe container of a healthy body with clear boundaries and creative engagement.

As a fully qualified teacher and facilitator, I am a member of the Movement Medicine Association and commit to its Code of Ethics, which exists to nourish and uphold the professional standards of teachers and facilitators of this practice.

what is movement medicine?

Thoughts and inspirations in movement

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