space weaver.

~ embodied brand coach & movement medicine teacher ~

What matters to me.

I once read that wisdom is embodied knowledge, so whatever I share in these pages is part and has gone through my own personal deep work and harvest. I deeply trust this internal process and I also believe that my truth is not THE truth. So please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

I value freedom above anything else.


And just so you get to know a little bit about my background and where I come from, here are some facts: I am an embodied brand coach & movement medicine teacher. I was born in Venezuela and travelled for the most part in my childhood, this offered me a wide world view and the possibility of learning fluently 3 languages: spanish, italian and english.  I am a seasoned 49 year old mother of a highly sensitive fierce young woman, wife of a sci-fi and very rational math lover, daughter of two beautiful free spirited beings, dancer, teacher, coach, designer, friend, emigrant, immigrant and creative human. Navigating through life with challenges, joys, wonder, curiosity and deep love for this magnificent gift that is life in this planet, in this body, in these times.


I believe firmly in being in service with an open heart and healthy boundaries. I believe in the exquisite power of nature and the imaginal world around us. I believe in the power of ceremony and bringing simple rituals to live life with beauty and purpose. I believe in standing in my solid ancestry ground as a resource for my deep inner wisdom, as well as healing my relationship with the powerful and ancient land I come from. I believe in love, kindness and hunger for our truth. And living life sustainably for ourselves, others and the planet.

My path

I help people overcome their fear of being seen. Having struggled myself with fears and living in family addictions, I have been witness to how vicious our inner critic can be and all the ways we find to keep ourselves small. At the same time I come from a highly creative, successful and artistic family and I understand the struggles and ecstasy of the creative process.


I worked as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director for over 30 years in my own design studio in Milano, the design capital of Italy, and after a very difficult moment in my life, where my vital energy was just slipping away, I was shown by the grace of life the power of embodied and transformation practices like Conscious dance, Family Constellations, Yoga, Tai chi, Humanistic Astrology, Voice work and Singing, Energy work and Plant wisdom.

I began to come back home into my body, a place I would never leave again. This sparked in me the desire to dance, study and immerse myself in the discipline, liberty and transformation that these practices offer.  And in 2015 I found my second life path in Movement Medicine, uniting all of my being in one practice by integrating shamanic, therapeutic, scientific and artistic intelligence, and especially I had found my teachers: Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan.


At the moment I am deepening my love and connection with the Cacao Plant as a way to open, deepen and de-armour the heart. Peeling off layer by layer in trust and joy as I apprentice and follow guidance. We met in 2016 and I have been working commitedly with her and for her since then. Working to heal my feminine lineage, in connection to my womb and cycles. To heal my inner child and to hold that part of me that always thought she wasn’t good enough.

I now try to live my life guided by my higher knowing, my body whispers, my ancient cultural South American lineage and all the Urban minimal threads that are a part of my present self. Embodiment is the ground upon which I offer my gifts to the world and it is the thread that connects and weaves them in a unique tapestry.


I teach workshops in Milano and around Italy, and upon invitation also internationally. And whenever I’m not treading the urban jungle, you can find me sitting under a tree, or by the sea.

Xx Camille

Some people that have influenced me, my work and my transformation each in their own individual way, to them, all my gratitude:

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, Gabrielle Roth, Antonella Fracasso, Serap Kara, Sajeeva Hurtado, David Rose, Caroline Carey, Rino Siniscalchi, Silvana Rigobon, Mary Reynolds, Michael Molin-Skelton, Cristobal Jodorowsky, Abuela Margarita, Igor Ezendam, Mama Andrea Herrera, Keith Cacao Shaman.

Infiinite blessings to all plant, animal and mineral beings.

Qualifications & Trainings

Master in Visual Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design

Qualified teacher and facilitator of Movement Medicine (also member of the Movement Medicine Association)


Cacao Ceremony training and Cacao Medicine Woman training ~ with Serap Kara

Embodied Listening  ~ with Susannah Darling Khan

Roots: systemic and family constellations
(theory, practice and formative exploration) ~ with Antonella Fracasso

Pulso Tantrico ~ with Sajeeva Hurtado

Humanistic Astrology ~ with Rino Siniscalchi

Cello and Music studies ~ Scuola Musicale di Milano


Numerous Conscious dance workshops and retreats including Open Floor with Andrea Juhan and Open Floor Libido with Willemijn de Dreu, Soul Motion with Michael Molin Skelton, 5 Rhythms and Azul with Amara Pagano, 5 Rhythms with Willemijn de Dreu, Alex McKay and Olivia Palmer.