how to prepare ceremonial cacao from home

How to prepare Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that has been used for centuries to heal and connect with the heart. It has a distinct spirit and coming into reciprocal communication with it, it’s origin and it’s properties is essential to create a harmonious ritual experience. Gratitude, respect and awareness for it’s ancestral history and giving back to the people who harvested it with respect and for the nature that protected it is also an important part of our relationship with Cacao. Making sure you always source from indigenous families or cooperatives that grow the Cacao sustainably and ethically. Be aware that a major trend in ceremonial Cacao is happening, be mindful of the marketing that is being used to sell some types of “ceremonial cacao”, do your research and connect to respectful and ethical Cacao sources.

Where can you buy Ceremonial Cacao online?

Buy Ceremonial Cacao paste. There are several reasons why one might choose to buy ceremonial grade cacao rather than regular chocolate or cocoa powder:

~ Higher quality: Ceremonial grade cacao is typically made from high-quality, sustainably sourced beans and is minimally processed to retain its natural flavor and health benefits.

~ Health benefits: As mentioned earlier, cacao contains compounds such as flavonoids, antioxidants, and magnesium that have been shown to improve mood, cognitive function, heart health, and more. By choosing ceremonial grade cacao, you can be sure that you are consuming a product with a higher concentration of these beneficial compounds.

~ Flavor: Ceremonial grade cacao has a rich, complex flavor profile that is often described as “chocolatey” with notes of fruit, nuts, and spices. This is in contrast to regular chocolate or cocoa powder, which may have a more one-dimensional or artificial flavor due to processing and the addition of sugar and other ingredients.

~ Spiritual connection: Consuming ceremonial cacao is part of a spiritual practice or ceremony and is seen as a way to connect with the natural world and with their own inner selves. By choosing ceremonial grade cacao, they can be sure that they are consuming a product that has been made with care and intention.

Read more about it’s benefits and nutrients in this article.

Nowadays it is quite easy to source ourselves with amazing Ceremonial Cacao from around the world. I usually use Cacao from Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador or Guatemala. Depending on the energy and resonance I feel to each ceremony I offer.

Some places where I have bought my own Cacao are:

~ Keith’s Cacao

~ Cacao Mama

~ Forever Cacao

~ Vai Cacao (add Camille10 for a discount)

~ The Spirit of Cacao

How to prepare ceremonial Cacao

In general this is the preferred preparation:

~Heat 1 cup of water per person and turn it off before it boils. If you do need to boil the water, let it cool a bit before you mix in the Cacao. If you prefer to use plant milk, you can also warm it up before you use it.

~In your favourite magical cup add your desired gr. dose of chopped Cacao paste: If you are starting I recommend 10-15gr, then feel free to raise the dose up until 30gr. The maximum Ceremonial dose is 40gr, never do more than this.

~Mix ingredients with a whisk until creamy. Connect to your intention and while preparing hum or sing a love song into your cup.

-> Here is a youtube video on how to prepare a cup.

-> And here you can read some recipes and ritual ideas.

-> A bonus gift for you: Connect to these lovingly curated playlists I’ve created for my Cacao Ceremonies: Free your heart & Cacao Ceremony Equinox.

When to use it at home?

I personally love to connect to Cacao every morning with lighter doses (10-15gr.) and take some time to meditate, write, dance or simply sit and listen to my heart, a wonderful self-love ritual. As a woman I also connect deeply to the Cacao medicine while in my cycle, and especially now as I am transitioning a perimenopausal time. I connect deeply to my womb with gratitude and let my heart and emotions flow like water.

Drinking light dose Cacao before doing creative work is also amazing. I have used Cacao in my Embodied coaching sessions before looking into specific themes. It is also an excellent way to open our hearts and let the communication flow through, creating profound transformation.

Very important if using at home: Pure Cacao contains compounds that can kill dogs, cats, parrots, and horses.  Don’t let our friends eat it!


If you are interested in journeying 1:1 with me from home while we enjoy a nurturing cup, I offer an Alchemical Sacred Space for you. A 90 min private embodied online Cacao ceremony. This sacred space held especially for you can help open your heart and welcome yourself as you are. We will be connecting to a specific issue (spiritual, emotional, etc) or we can also let whatever is ready to emerge to come into the space so it may be revealed and transformed. We will be tapping into the wisdom of our bodies in movement and letting the emotions move in a gentle way with the support of this loving master plant. Italian, Spanish and English sessions are available.

Offering your heart to the Sacred Cacao elixir is to open the door to a gentle, accepting and wise old teacher. Prepare to welcome magic transformation into your life.

Xx Camille