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Birthing the new ~ Ecstatic Beltane Cacao Ritual

These are days of sacred fire energy and the inner and outer ecstatic meeting of the masculine and feminine energies. My offering is a lovely embodied Cacao ritual to connect to this season.

For the May edition of Cacao Mama’s online “In ceremony”, I was asked by my teacher Serap Kara to offer a Cacao ritual that was in theme with fertility and birth for Beltane. You can find the May issue in this link with many beautiful articles about Cacao and it’s Midwife energy.

Suggested Cacao ritual recipe

 10-20 gr Ceremonial Cacao

1 teaspoon Golden Milk spices or 1 teaspoon of turmeric with a dash of black pepper to taste.

1 cup Oat milk (or other plant milk)

Organic Maple syrup to taste (if needed)

Mix ingredients well and connect to your intention. While preparing hum or sing a love song into your cup.

The Ritual:

Create a dark space in your room with a candle not yet lit. Connect to the Cacao Spirit and ask it to connect to your sacral chakra (located in your lower belly and lumbar area). Close your eyes and visualise this center in your body. Become this darkness, and visualise the deep seat of your feminine energy, like rich dark moist and fertile earth humus.

Feel the Cacao Spirit making space, clearing these last 6 months of winter. Letting go of old fears and limitations with compassion, so that you may again expand and receive fully. Welcome a soft movement in your hips. Small repetitive circular movements so the emotions may flow and not become stuck in your body.

Breathe deeply and with each exhalation lean into the earth of your body. Sense it preparing the rich soil for vital life energy in your sacral space. Sense the silence and pause that is needed to welcome the new. Like the calm before the storm.

When you feel you are quiet and receptive, light your candle and call in the masculine energy of the sun and fire. Visualise it as golden light coming from your head down into the feminine vessel of your body. It is fiercely attracted to this magnetic darkness. With each inhale bring in this light fire, and with each exhale bring it down.

Feel it making its way down to through your body and into your heart, where it expands into a golden flower. The alchemy of the heart together with Cacao irradiating glow throughout your body. Welcome some fluid movement into your spine and torso area. Allow the energies to flow and keep the body flexible and present. Feel your chest opening and expanding.

As this electric current continues the journey into your sacral area, feel the warmth in your belly. This meeting is the alchemy of light and darkness, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, active and receptive. Let them merge into sacred union worshiping each other’s essence. Keep moving your hips and torso/spine in gentle circular movements. Keep breathing. 

Visualise golden threads through your body, filling you up with infinite love and golden energy. Let the Sacred Fire and the energy of the Great Mother be witness. Let Cacao work its magic through your body. Welcome expansion and openness, feel a new story emerging. The birth of something new, like tender buds blossoming into fullness. Flowering under this Beltane season, the gateway to the bright half of the year.


When done, thank the darkness and the light inside of you. Two polarities meeting together to protect and birth something new. Close this ritual by writing in your journal what came up and by taking a walk outside in the sun and observe the beauty and power of nature around you.

For more info on the amazing and loving work Cacao Mama (Serap Kara) is doing with Cacao please visit her website. I am so very grateful to have apprenticed as a Cacao Guardian with her this past year.


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