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Stilling of the heart

The stilling of the heart is the true alchemy which turns mercury into silver.

~ Inayat Khan



I invite you to explore a Movement Medicine nourishing embodied journey, where we will dance with our acceptance and the seed of our purpose.

This is the season of “being in the belly”, we are in Imbolc season, where the earth spreads it’s first sparks of fire under the snow and the first tender buds defy the cold currents rising up towards the sun, letting themselves be seen in all their vulnerability.

We are still resting in the roots, feeling all the parts we are shedding in order to be able to fully contain our human condition. Our ecstatic heart expanding it’s physical capacity to contain even more love in a body that is alive and full of shooting stars under it’s skin. Deep waves of electric aliveness, dancing with lightness and darkness. Feeling the roar, which might still be just a whisper: I am here and I am alive. See me in all my colours.


“Authentic and deep self-acceptance is like a fire warming a house… Relax into your condition. With this inner relaxation there is no need to hide, defend or to keep parts of yourself secret. It is the key to fearless self enquiry.”

~ Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan –  Movement Medicine founders



Bringing this deeper into connection with our own visibility journey, we are now listening to our emergence, a seed in fertile, pregnant, moist soil. Feeling the first sparks of growth. We listen to our Why and to the fears and longing to be seen. Connecting to our Yin qualities, we rest in the deep acceptance and receiving.

I can say this would be the time we are feeling an impulse to bring an offering into the world but where we still need to protect it to let it grow strong enough to withstand even the coldest of currents.



Movement Medicine purpose inquiry

In an Embodied Branding session, we always start with an internal landscape awareness. More than action, now we take our time to listen deeply to our innermost desires, our soul purpose. Stepping into true visibility is like a birthing process, it brings some resistance, some doubt, some fear, some wonder, some excitement, so we try to welcome everything that serves the process from a witness point of view.

Wanting to really be seen and heard in our truth by our audience is quite a challenge. Many times this is an old wound of not having received enough (love, space, nourishment, understanding). When this arises, just know we can turn to the archetypal energy of the Great Mother or the Earth and ask for support, courage and love.

If this is something you would like to explore more, feel free to download the free Dare to Shine pdf course where you can explore your soul purpose with the support of the 4 elements.


I now lovingly encourage you to do an embodied journey to the heart of your purpose, by connecting to this 21 minute music playlist in Spotify (or see below for the embedded playlist).


Before you start:

~ Make sure the space you will dance in is clear and safe for you to move in.

~ Take this time for yourself with no interruptions.

~ Before you start moving take some deep breaths, and just receive yourself in a moment of silence. Connect to these questions:


// What did I dream of being as a child?

// What does living a fulfilled life look like to me? 

// Why do I do what I do?


~Whenever ready, start music playlist.

~ Give permission to your body to move in any way it desires (as long as it is safe and does not harm you). We are not looking for the ‘beautiful’ or ‘cool’ moves. We are looking for our authentic raw and real movement. Take time to really awaken all of your dancing body by consciously connecting to each body part and bringing it into movement. Movement is medicine.

~ After you finish take a moment to thank your body and write down anything that might have come up.

~ Welcome the unexpected, there is no right or wrong way. There is only YOUR way, and that is the perfect way.






Xx Camille


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