Shift from self-doubt to clarity and purpose.

Dare to Shine

A self-paced free branding course for brave souls who dare.

You are starting and struggling and need some guidance on how to organise your first steps.

You feel confused and overwhelmed, you feel you need to get your branding perfect.

You want to align your business to your true heart purpose.

How would it feel to. . .

Have clarity on what you want to offer?

Work and dance at your own pace with branding questions while being supported with specially selected music?

Feel the support of the 4 elements as you journey through this course?

Are you ready?

camille barrios embodied brand coach & movement medicine teacher

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“Sacred rebel, thank you for showing up for yourself and for what you want to manifest in this life. The world needs us now more than ever. Dare to find out what you are passionate about and make it happen.”


One of the main challenges/wounds I keep hearing in my clients, is the fear of being seen in their truth. For us to work on our personal branding, we need to courageously stand in our power, vulnerability and worth.

This free self paced course will offer you clarity and a space for you to explore and embody your uniqueness.

This course will guide you through a clear defined structure, with prompts and questions. And at the same time you will be invited to include time for creativity, joy, ritual, and celebration.

Celebrate your uniqueness, lean into joy & expand your light. Dare to Shine!

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pdf course dare to shine
playlist dare to shine

A beautiful 24 page booklet with branding resources and questions, insights, self care tips and lovingly curated playlists for you to get clarity on what you offer, why you offer it and how you can offer it.

~ Whether you’re just starting out or your cash flow is tight, you can still take steps towards freeing up your time/mind/heart/ today.

~ Free editable pdf workbook that you can print or edit in your computer.

~A journey through branding clarity guided by the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air), where you will engage with thoughtful questions about your What, Why and How.

~ Exclusive music playlists to engage with each chapter.

~ This is the basis for all my brand coaching sessions and a pre-requisite before any branding work we do together.

~ Go at your own pace, take the time you need to fully embody your new brand identity.

woman headphones dare to shine free course

Throughout this course you will be reminded of ways you can feel held by yourself, by the natural elements, by beauty, by your heart. And when you can gift yourself this space of listening, deep acceptance and compassion, this is when the healing really begins.

You will work with questions, guided meditations and playlists in which you can lean into the joy and wonder of free movement and self expression.


Why do I invite you to move?

Whenever we let the inner critic mind go and let the body find it’s true self-expression, we align our bodies, hearts and minds. We leave space for insights and intuition that arrive when our body is free to move. And… it’s fun!! Give it a try in the comfort and privacy or your own space.

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