Deep Alignment ~ 3 month branding journey

Empower your purpose & expand your branding visibility and awareness.

Clarity, focus and a deeper understanding of yourself, what you want to offer and how to communicate it to your audience.
For your brand to have a big impact in this oversaturated market, one of the most important aspects of communication is to be congruent, and this means being congruent within yourself, congruent with what you offer and congruent in your communication. We will be working with these three circles, like ripples expanding from your core vision into the immediate surroundings and out into the world wide web.

This is the core of what heart centred embodied branding means and I can help you get there feeling empowered and ready to navigate these waters, with simple guided steps, cheering you on and holding space for you to flourish into what you were meant to be and offer.



Deep Alignment ~ 3 month Branding Journey

Empower your purpose & expand your branding visibility and awareness

How would it feel to. . . Untangle any blocks and vulnerable issues about your brand and being seen? Experience deep transformational support, coaching and mentorship through your somatic landscape? Receive unique and tailor-made branding & marketing solutions with a simple mindful language? Trust your inner timing and intuition to make empowered choices for yourself and your business? Not do this alone?
Step into this exclusive 3 month 1:1 embodied brand coaching service path together to craft your unique style and communication.

Over the past years, I’ve been working closely with branding clients that feel their business is not in alignment anymore with what they are becoming. Maybe it is because they still have yet to find that special marketing niche, or maybe because they feel shy to really be seen in all their uniqueness. Maybe they just want a space in which they are held and listened to that lets them flourish into what they were meant to offer.

I myself have gone through endless professional evolutions and have found each time that a deep alignment with my own roots, trunk and branches was a fundamental step to feel my own balanced expansion and transform blocks and fears.

During these 3 months together we will dive deep into your branding, your purpose and your uniqueness. So you may be fully received by your audience or clients as you are. I will support you in taking time out for yourself by creating a sacred nurturing space, helping you set up support systems and resources to keep you connected and committed to your mission while enjoying the ride, all supported by a healthy dose of humour and compassion. We will celebrate together what you bring into this space and the successes you achieve along the way. All the while being held by an amazing and powerful alchemical branding journey map.

What is included

~ Pre- Session questions – Please dedicate some time to answer the questions and research sent via email or start with the Dare to Shine pdf. This is necessary preparatory work to make the best of our time together.

~ 8 private 90 minute zoom sessions – These will be tailored especially for you to dig deep into your project vision, find your unique voice and manifest your offering. We will choose together the best day and weekly time for the brand coaching service.

~ Session Recordings – So you can keep and revisit whenever you like.

~ Playlists, meditations and music journeys – To assist your research time in between calls.

~ Follow up support – During our whole time together I am available to answer all questions and give sensible feedback via email or whatsapp. This helps keep the energy moving as you take your steps.

~ Logo and Naming – We will prepare your professional name, check online availability, prepare your logo with a brand identity guideline, and all files ready for use delivered to you at the end of our journey.

~ Beautiful Moodboard – with website preliminary text content, logo, typography (primary and secondary), colour palette, look and feel style, photograph and imagery style.

(If you wish to include a website and other design materials check out this option, or simply choose my website customised template which is offered at an additional discount for Deep Alignment clients)


What are the next steps to prepare for this 3 month journey?

~ Book a free call here to understand together if I can support you with your intention for this week together.

~ Download the Dare to Shine free course and start to answer all the questions.

~ If we decide to continue (YAY!), all the info will be sent to you with the next steps.

~ If we have already had a call or a meeting and you are ready to start this powerful transformation, proceed to check out here.

What is embodiment and how do I blend it into the sessions?

To be embodied is to learn to be fully present and comfortable in your own body. In my personal journey, whenever I access this powerful embodied wisdom through movement, I free up blocked energy in a deep, lasting and liberating way. I have now created a different and unique brand coaching technique that includes this body’s awareness. Where lovingly curated music is chosen in the moment to hold and support the process. Where we can safely tap into a deep somatic landscape with gentle gratitude and encourage transformation. A space where YOU are heard and seen in your exquisite uniqueness.


Why work with me?

With more than 30 years of corporate identity experience and 10 years in personal development and embodied movement studies, I weave these paths together to offer you a very unique approach to design, communication and as a holistic embodied brand consultant. I bring into our sessions the power of somatic wisdom as well as my love for beauty and clarity, while leaning into my Alchemical Branding map with the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep focused conversations. I help you find clarity in your professional strengths and gifts. I support you to fully self-express and follow your soul and intuitive guidance with sustainable practical work. Offering simple practical guided steps. Have a look at my design studio website to see some of my work. 

“Your way of coaching has been a life changing and affirmative journey. I would always see myself as a box of ideas, but somehow I was never able to find the ground for them to truly grow. I feel you have helped me untangle. You have guided me to my inner light of knowing, by helping me get more into my body and trusting what it is wanting to say. I would highly recommend you to any of my clients/ partners that are in the process of birthing their new projects. The work you bring almost feels beyond just me and you. Thank you so much. It truly does feel that we are dancing more love into the World.”

~Kelly, Event producer and Change-maker


“I start with the result achieved with this work: a logo I like! The path to get there was challenging at times, but I felt encouraged to continue, guided in the creative processes and supported in finding my way. Camille’s sensitivity and ability to be present made the journey a real process of transformation. The work was facilitated by a spontaneous affinity. I felt openness, interest and curiosity towards the topics I brought. The work was interesting, a work of exploration always aimed at achieving the objectives set. I found professionalism and heart, I could not have hoped for better !!”

~ Simona, Clearer & personal growth guide

Looking forward to diving deep together!

Xx Camille