Striking Brand, limited budget

Nurturing your startup brand: Guiding your first steps with professional design support

Are you just starting and have a limited budget? Please do not DIY your designs! I am here to help you with that, offering a conscious and supportive approach to creating a professional, fearless, cohesive, and stunning brand style that will impress and attract your dream clients. With a focus on affordability and efficiency, you’ll be surprised how achievable it is to craft an exceptional brand identity. Curious to know how? Read on!



Striking Brand, limited budget?

Receive a complete brand style with a limited budget

Are you just starting and have a limited budget? Please do not DIY your designs! I am here to help you to create a professional, fearless, cohesive and stunning brand style to impress and attract your dream clients.

Understanding the challenges that arise when starting a business on a limited budget, I’m here to provide a helping hand in creating a professional and cohesive brand style. DIYing your designs might not always yield the desired results. Your brand identity is crucial for making a strong impression on potential clients. With my expertise, we can achieve this without the need for you to take on the design process yourself.

By utilizing thoughtfully crafted pre-made templates, I can assist you in developing a brand identity that is both visually appealing and tailored to your unique vision. This approach not only saves you time and effort but also ensures a consistent and polished look that resonates with your target audience. Let’s work together to establish a brand presence that not only impresses but also resonates with your dream clients.

What is included

~ Free call to understand your needs – In this preliminary call we will get a sense if this offering can support you. Be aware that before we begin your business name must already be defined by you.

~ Logo templates & 90 minute call – We will choose together from my existing logo templates which are not exclusive but I will completely customise for your brand (colours, fonts and name).

~ Postcard/flyer template (digital and if needed printed) to promote your offerings – Want to showcase your event, offerings or company with a beautiful, eye catching postcard? Choose one from the templates and we can customise it together: logo, images, texts, colours. So you can be sure it is in alignment with your brand

~ Social Media templates in Canva – The templates will be done either in Canva or Photoshop. You will need to know how to use Canva or Photoshop to add your personal content for each post. If you do not know how to use Canva, we can dedicate one extra (paid) session for that. I will present you with 2 template alternatives to choose from, to suit your unique brand style and create stunning eye catching posts and stories. Consisting in 5/6 post types that you will then customise yourself for future posts.

~ Specific simple tech help with setting up your Social Media channels if needed.

~ All design materials will be sent to you – You will receive logos, postcards or flyers, in digital formats (jpg, eps, or png), Social media templates will be offered to you in Canva account so you can then put in your own account and be independent. If you wish to print anything, we can evaluate printing costs (extra cost) and have them delivered directly to you.


What are the next steps to prepare for this social media journey?

~ Book a free call here to understand together if I can support you with your intention.

~ If we decide to continue, all the info will be sent to you with the next steps. 

~ If we have already had a call or a meeting and you are ready to buy, proceed to check out.

Why work with me?

With more than 30 years of corporate identity experience and 10 years in personal development and embodied movement studies, I weave these paths together to offer you a very unique approach to design, communication and as a holistic embodied brand consultant. I bring into our sessions the power of somatic wisdom as well as my love for beauty and clarity, while leaning into my Alchemical Branding map with the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep focused conversations. I help you find clarity in your professional strengths and gifts. I support you to fully self-express and follow your soul and intuitive guidance with sustainable practical work. Offering simple practical guided steps. Have a look at my design studio website to see some of my work. 

“I was looking for a designer who could understand me in all my diversity and include in the work both artistic approach and movement approach to shape the design and to translate my activity in. My experience with Camille was very interesting, It felt like a flower that opened session after session to reach the final version. I felt listened and all my ideas had been taken into account during the design process. It was like a dance together, a co-creation. So good!”
~ Olivia, Intuitive pianist

Dare to take your first step!

Xx Camille