Empowerment Week

Focused personal time dedicated to find clarity for specific questions.

A week long 1:1 dedicated space to receive unique support. We listen to the emerging field to find clarity and to map out a unique brand plan designed especially for you. You are welcome in whatever step of your journey map you feel you are.

You are meant to change the world and touch people’s hearts. Lean back and feel my support. My aim is to empower you to develop your own unique vision and project, manifest it and bring it out into the world with an effortless branding session week.



Empowerment week

Focused time to find clarity for specific questions

You long for deep immediate support on a specific aspect of your communication.
Your mind runs into overwhelm when planning your project and branding expansion.

I am offering you a spacious, nurturing and focused branding session week that will help you access your own skills necessary to be the leader of your project. A space where you will feel empowered to take action following a clear strategy and feeling resourced by our time together. 

Imagine turning off the constant chattering of your inner critic and accessing a deeper embodied knowing. We will find clarity, focus and map out a unique strategy plan that works specifically for you and for your specific question. We will use embodiment as our ally, leaning into somatic work as well as my design and branding expertise. We will talk about your current situation, your goals and what challenges you most in your business. Some examples we could explore: Finding your aligned communication for a specific event/project, preparing website content, how to set up social media presence, how to work with a tight budget on your branding project, find clarity on your first visibility steps… Any other themes emerging for you? Let’s have a chat!

What is included

~ Pre- Session questions – Please dedicate some time to answer the questions and research sent via email. This will help us make the best of our time together.

~ First call – We’ll meet via zoom for 90 mins and I’ll provide embodied exercises, meditation, sharing and consulting. We will also prepare a real time document with your strategy plan and next steps that will be sent to you via email at the end.

~ Follow up support – During our whole week together I am available to answer all questions and give sensible feedback via email or whatsapp. This helps keep the energy moving as you take your steps.

~ Last Call – After 7 days, we close our time together with a 60 min zoom session, with a movement meditation, a check-in and a time to integrate and clarify your plan and next steps. If changed, the new plan is sent to you.

(If you decide to dive deeper with the Deep Alignment Path, this option also applies as a discount)


What are the steps needed to prepare for this empowerment week?

~ Book a free call here so we may understand if I can support you with your intention for this week together.

~ If we decide to continue, all the info will be sent to you with the next steps. 

~ If we have already had a call or a meeting and you are ready to buy, proceed to check out here.

What is embodiment and how do I blend it into the sessions?

To be embodied is to learn to be fully present and comfortable in your own body. In my own personal journey, whenever I access this powerful embodied wisdom through the practice Movement Medicine™, I free up blocked energy in a deep, lasting and liberating way. I have now created a unique brand coaching technique that includes this body’s awareness. Where lovingly curated music is chosen in the moment to hold and support the process. Where we can safely tap into a deep somatic landscape with gentle gratitude and encourage transformation. A space where YOU are heard and seen in your exquisite uniqueness.


Why work with me?

With more than 30 years of corporate identity experience and 10 years in personal development and embodied movement studies, I weave these paths together to offer you a very unique approach to design and communication as a holistic embodied brand consultant. I bring into our sessions the power of somatic wisdom as well as my love for beauty and clarity, while leaning into my Alchemical Branding map with the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep focused conversations. I help you find clarity in your professional strengths and gifts. I support you to fully self-express and follow your soul and intuitive guidance with sustainable practical work. Have a look at my design studio website to see some of my work.

“Looking at Camille’s website and sensing her vibration through visuals and words I felt called for an Empowerment session because of the artistic fragrance she offers, the spaciousness and her fine spirit woven into all the details. Camille’s presence is humble and generous, her listening is careful and deep. I felt met with great respect and awareness for the work I do. I asked her to help me with a new online offering I was dreaming of. During the week, she helped me with a set of brilliant questions as preparation and then pointed out many practical details in the session. Camille also took care of the wider vision and the energetic weaving of my offer in an open dialogue. I felt seen and received as a creative being and nourished through her clear attention and the precise questions she was asking me. The space Camille provides is nourished by a wise and accomplished woman and deep soul. I felt respected in my struggle, my dreams and my wish to offer something true, beautiful and authentic. She also gave me a blessing and honoured my work, this felt very needed and profound to me at this given moment in time. I recommend working with Camille – you will be inspired and lifted through meeting her!”

~Kristin, Movement Medicine Teacher & Physiotherapist

So excited to support you!

Xx Camille