Book a free brand coaching call or any 1:1 session.

1 ~ Pick a date in the calendar below

2 ~ Answer any questions required before the call and prepare your material for our time together.

For the free brand coaching call: Prepare any questions and design materials you might already have. Get your website and social media links ready to share with me during the call. Or prepare your printed material so we can see it during our zoom call. Only one free call per client is allowed.


If you are booking a 1:1 Movement Medicine session: Please purchase the session in the shop before booking our time together. Make sure you have a safe space to dance in and good speakers or headphones.


If you are booking any 90 minute 1:1 session: Please purchase the session in the shop before booking our time together. Tune into your intention for this time together so you can get as much clarity as possible during our call. Feel free to send me an email with your intentions before.

3 ~ If you need to reschedule or cancel, please do so in the link provided with the zoom link.

Please respect my availability, as this is time I am putting aside just for you.

If this is a paid session and you don’t show up no refunds will be available.

4 ~ Make sure you have a stable internet connection for our sessions and the possibillity of a video camera.

And please download Zoom for free if you don’t already have it. We can connect through mobile or computer.

5 ~ How do I make the best of this online experience?

-> A Laptop, Computer, iPad or iPhone ~ Make sure you have a video camera available to connect as well as the possibility of seeing a screen so we can connect visually.

-> A good internet or wifi connection ~ Zoom requires some bandwidth to work properly, make sure you are in an area that has a good connection.

-> Comfortable clothes to move in and some water nearby, or your Cacao ready if we are connecting with it.

-> If you don’t have Zoom in your computer/device please download the free app here: If you are connecting through Skype provide your Skype name via email.

-> Be mindfully present, no working, chatting or checking emails while we are together. Make sure you have time dedicated just for you without work or family interruptions.

-> Make sure you have a safe uncluttered space to move in, check your floors so you don’t hurt yourself and can really let go if we dance. Contrary to what you might think, you do not have to have a big space, just somewhere where you can have a safe moving space.

-> Respect your body, go as far as you can but don’t hold back. Respect the space you are in, if you are outside places be mindful of others, nature, etc. Respect who is sharing screen time with you showing up appropriately and with kindness. We’re in this together.








During our call I will work in an intuitive way depending on the questions that you bring. You will receive guidance, simple next steps and clear information that you can take with you. No strings attached. No further commitment needed. Really.

If you discover that you do wish to continue on other branding packages (wow!), the Discovery Call will be the basis for our journey together.