4 Ceremonial Cacao Recipes to connect to the seasons

Harness the power of Ceremonial Cacao with these blissful recipes

Savor the rich and soothing taste of ceremonial Cacao with these 4 ceremonial Cacao recipes. Inspired to nourish your body, heart and mind, each recipe will take you on a sensory journey through the changing seasons and the elements.

Ceremonial cacao has been used for centuries for its many health benefits, it is rich in antioxidants which purify the body and bind free radicals, vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Chromium and Zinc, neurotransmitters and “feel good” hormones like Anandamide, Oxytocin and Serotonin. It contains also Theobromine and Caffeine that support heart opening as it increases the blood flow and heart function, dilates vessels and relaxes the muscles.

In addition to its health benefits, ceremonial cacao is also considered a spiritual ingredient in many cultures. It was transmitted and elevated as one of the foundations of the Mayan and Aztec traditions. It was known as the ‘drink of the gods’ and thankfully preserved by the indigenous wisdom of these ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Today, it is used in various rituals and ceremonies to bring people together, connect with their inner self, and experience a sense of peace and unity. Drinking ceremonial cacao can also lead to increased mindfulness, allowing one to be more present in the moment and connect with their thoughts and emotions. These recipes are not just delicious but also offer a unique and meaningful experience, helping you connect with your inner self and bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your mind, body, and soul.

These seasonal ceremonial cacao recipes are offered to reflect the changing seasons and to connect to the cycle of nature allowing you to celebrate it’s rhythm throughout the year. Whether it’s a cozy winter warm turmeric cacao to warm you up on chilly days or a light summer rose infused cup, each recipe is connected to a specific season and element, using ingredients and flavors that perfectly capture their spirit. So, get ready to experience a new level of wellness, spirituality, and sensory delight in your home with these four seasonal ceremonial cacao recipes.

Please, choose ceremonial cacao that comes from a reputable source and is ethically sourced. Look for information about the origin of the cacao, the growing conditions, and the methods used to process it. High-quality ceremonial cacao is more expensive than regular chocolate, but it is worth investing in a good product that has been minimally processed and ethically sourced. And unfortunately nowadays not all “Ceremonial Cacao” is the same, do your research to honour this Sacred Plant.

4 Seasonal recipes

Celebrating the magic of Cacao through the year

For the recipes below use this general preparation with the required ingredients:

~Heat 1 cup of water per person and turn it off before it boils. If you do need to boil the water, let it cool a bit before you mix in the Cacao. If you prefer to use plant milk, you can also warm it up before you use it.

~In your favourite magical cup add the water (or plant milk) and all the ingredients.

~Mix ingredients with a whisk until creamy. Connect to your intention and while preparing hum or sing a love song into your cup.


-> Is this your first time? Have a look here if you need to prepare or buy your Ceremonial Cacao for the recipes.

cacao ceremonial recipes 4 seasons reacipes

1 // Autumn ~ Earth  / Cacao & Maca

-10-20 gr Ceremonial Cacao

-1 teaspoon of Maca

-A dash of cinammon and/or cardamom

Before consuming, please read the benefits and side effects of Maca here.

Why do I love this recipe?  This for me is a very grounding and earthy recipe as Maca is a cruciferous and works very well with the Cacao energy to connect to roots, energy and nourishment. Maca can be very helpful in moments of deep change (seasonal, hormonal and stress related).

2 // Winter ~ Fire  /  Cacao & Curcumin

-10-20 gr Ceremonial Cacao

-1 teaspoon Golden Milk spices or 1 teaspoon of Curcumin with a dash of black pepper to taste.

-1 cup plant, nut or coconut milk

-Sweetener of your choice (if needed)

Before consuming, please read the benefits and side effects of Turmeric here.

Why do I love this recipe? I love to drink this in cold days as I can literally feel the warm fire inside of me together with the heart opening Cacao working it’s magic. I do love to use Coconut milk diluted with water as it gives an extra tropical flavouring to the recipe, reminding me as well of my South American roots.

3 // Spring ~ Air   /  Cacao & Rose

-10-20 gr Ceremonial Cacao

-5/6 drops of Rosewater and Rose Petals

-1 cup water

Before consuming, please read the benefits and side effects of Rose here.

Why do I love this recipe? Roses are the flowers with the highest vibration on Earth. Together with Cacao this recipe weaves into your heart and honours the divine feminine energy present in all of us. Rose aids the respiratory channels as well, so pairing this with air and spring made a lot of sense. I always sense beauty when preparing this Cacao recipe, it makes me tune into openness and expansion, and like spring I start to bloom.

4 // Summer ~ Water  /  Cacao & Mugwort

-10-20 gr Ceremonial Cacao

-1 cup water

-a teaspoon of dried Mugwort, or in alternative add the Cacao paste to a warm tea made with Mugwort.

Before consuming, please read the benefits and side effects of Mugwort here. Be careful if you are pregnant.

Why do I love this recipe? This is a very unique recipe and honestly not one with a pleasant taste 😉 but the magic of Mugwort has found it’s way to me and I love to drink this sometimes before sleeping so I can also tap into the lucid dream properties of Mugwort. Why do I relate this to water and summer? Mugwort (Artemisia in italian) loves to grow near rivers here in Italy during the summer and it has traditionally been associated with Midsummer. I recommend not to drink this if you have to drive, as it can cause sleepiness.

Space preparation

Clean the space: Clean the area where you will drink your Cacao, ensuring that it is free from clutter and any distractions.

Set the mood: Use candles, incense, or essential oils to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Soft lighting and comfortable seating can also help to set the mood.

Create a sacred space: You may want to set up an altar or create a sacred space to focus your energy and intention. You can decorate the space with crystals, flowers, or other meaningful items.

Get comfortable: Ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you need for your Cacao connection. This may include blankets, pillows, or cushions.

Play soft music: Choose music that is soft, calming, and conducive to relaxation. This can help to create a peaceful atmosphere and set the tone for the ceremony.


Here are some amazing mixes that I’ve crafted for my Cacao Ceremonies, feel free to listen and connect to them, in Mixcloud Free your heart or in Spotify Rose Heart Cacao

Cacao Ritual

Sit with your Cacao and place the cup on your chest/heart space. Feel its warmth and the earthy smell enveloping your senses, feel how it starts to soften your body. Let the body move gently in waves if it wants to, especially your torso. This is a great way to unblock energies.

When ready, drink and remember that you are held and that you can fall back into fullness, into love, into trust. Feel your heart open like a blooming flower. Petal by petal. Surrender to gravity and let the Earth (feminine energy) hold you and take care of you. Let it cradle you and soften your edges. Feel the softness around you, let go and receive yourself. Feel your body opening. Let Cacao do its magic.

Xx Camille