Alchemical Sacred Space – Online Cacao Ceremony

A 90 min private embodied online Cacao ceremony

This sacred space held especially for you can help open your heart and welcome yourself as you are. We will be connecting to a specific issue (spiritual, emotional, etc) or we can also let whatever is ready to emerge to come into the space so it may be revealed and transformed. We will be tapping into the wisdom of our bodies in movement and letting the emotions move in a gentle way with the support of this loving master plant.




Alchemical Sacred Space – Online Cacao Ceremony

A 90 min private embodied online Cacao ceremony

Offering your heart to the sacred Cacao elixir is to open the door to a gentle, accepting and wise old teacher. Prepare to welcome magic transformation into your life.
It is the medicine of the tropical forest, weaving its rich, earthy texture and smell around you like a sweet grandmother’s hug. When you tune respectfully into the intention of self-transformation a beautiful, gentle golden alchemy is created. It can open our hearts, create deeper connection with the natural world, our intuition and any unseen guidance.

The online Cacao rituals I offer are held with clear intention and respect. When shared in this way, it can have unique spiritual and emotional effects. Before, I invite a simple a clear preparation, and during the ritual we take time to fully connect and let the magic in.

During this sacred online Cacao ceremony, we connect through our moving bodies in dance, at any moment of the ritual you will be encouraged to follow your own body intuition, this may mean you wish to stop movement and rest, or not drink anymore, in any case you decide what is best for you. Every person is different and the invitation is to let go of expectations and trust that your journey was exactly what was needed.

What is included

~ 90 mins zoom online Cacao ceremony – A deeply transformative session where we will connect to the Cacao Spirit and let it guide us through. If needed I can offer links to buy Cacao Online and show you how to prepare your own Ceremonial Cup. Feel free to look at some recipes here as well. Sessions are available in English, Spanish or Italian upon request and are gender, age, spiritual, physical and race inclusive.


Steps to book session?

~ Book your online Cacao Ceremony here in the calendar.

~ When you find a date and time that suits you and you have booked it, proceed to check out here.

~ In doubt or if you prefer to book offline please send me an email.

~ Make sure you have a safe space to dance in (it doesn’t have to be big), a good connection on your computer or device and good speakers or headphones.

~ Let me know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as lower doses are preferable. There are very few contraindications please read below.

What is Cacao?

Raw Ceremonial Cacao (Theobroma Cacao), the type I use for every ritual and every day personal use, is 100% Cacao ethically sourced from the bean, which is grounded pure into a “paste”. When used to drink, I add water (or plant milk) and herbs or spices depending on the energy I want to call in for the ritual.

Cacao is a complex food, and for me it is the symbol of the Earth in color, texture and energy. It is considered a superfood and is rich in antioxidants which purify the body and bind free radicals, vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Chromium and Zinc, neurotransmitters and “feel good” hormones like Anandamide, Oxytocin and Serotonin. It contains also Theobromine and Caffeine that support heart opening as it increases the blood flow and heart function, dilates vessels and relaxes the muscles.


Why have a session with me?

In 2016 the sweet sacred medicine of Cacao found me, during the ceremony I felt like my abuela had come to hold me in her arms all night. I have been working with Cacao and for Cacao since then. Working very personally to heal my feminine lineage, with my connection to my womb and cycles. These were the moments that for me held deep medicine with my ancient roots, my vulnerability, my strength and my own medicine and divine connection. With Cacao I have taken a journey to start to heal my inner child as well as healing my Venezuelan roots and all the history that my powerful, complex and wild country has with Cacao. Did you know that some studies suggest that the very first trees of Cacao were born in Venezuela (bordering Colombia)?

That is my connection to this medicine, I bring forth into the space our ancestral, wild and sacred selves. With the support at my back of the Amazonian forest and ancestors. We connect deeply to the 4 elements inside of us through movement and music. And always guided by the nourishing spirit of this plant. Cacao loves to be moved and to move bodies, hearts and minds. That is why I hold ceremonies always with my beloved Movement Medicine™ practice as we honour the 4 elements in our space.


By participating in this session you are declaring and agreeing to the following:

~ I take full responsibility for my physical, emotional and mental well being during and after the sessions. The space I will be moving in is safe and clear to move in.

~ I am aware that Movement Medicine involves physical movement and it may bring emotions to the surface.

~ I declare I am in good physical condition and I am fit and able to dance and drink Cacao. I am not taking any antidepressants (MAOI or SSRI) and I do not have a serious heart condition.

~ I will monitor my own level of movement and activity so I remain within what is appropriate for my body and know I can move at my own pace.

~ If I don’t attend the event/session without rescheduling I am aware that I will not be refunded if payment has been made.

“I thank you for accompanying me in a difficult moment in my path, full of weights I did not want to carry anymore, this was a moment long due and being able to live it together with so much acceptance, delicacy and love was an amazing and unexpected process. I am grateful to you and the medicine of Cacao and dance. Like you said, connecting again to our inner child means coming into contact with our most profound selves. Just to feel my heartbeat in connection with the Earth was extremely powerful and strong and painful. I now want to dance this life fully.”

~ Silvia


“Thank you for yesterday! It was an experience filled with joy and openness, a warm flow of energy in the body, and a lucidity of vision…thank you! I am still enjoying the beauty of Cacao and I am keeping a candle light to honour my journey and the silent day of rest and integration today.”


Prepare to welcome alchemical magic,

Xx Camille