21 mindful movement playlists

21 mindful movement meditation playlists

What is the Movement Medicine Mandala and what are the 21 gateways?

Movement Medicine™ is a body based meditation practice. With its roots in conscious dance and mindful movement, a shamanic understanding of our connection to the natural world and the cycles of life, it aligns our vertical axis of body, heart, mind so we can access our wisdom of knowing who we are and understanding our contribution to life in a way that is meaningful.

We all have a dancer inside of us and they can be awakened by consciously moving and embodying our present state of being, body, heart and mind. The dancer longs to be invited through breath, rhythm, surrender and intention. The dancer inside of us is awake, alive and well.

We can meditate and journey with the Movement Medicine™ Mandala as one of the many maps available to us. And this can be done at any time to physically embody this connection with or without music and with or without dance. But hey, why not enjoy some soulful music and good beats, right? I invite you to tune into these 21 mindful movement meditation playlists below.

The Movement Medicine™ mandala is a map of resources with 21 gateways representing the Tree of life. These 21 gateways or stations can help you access your wisdom of knowing who we are and understanding our contribution to life in a way that is meaningful.

The Gateways & 21 mindful movement meditation playlists

Movement Medicine Mandala

In the center, we stand in the middle of our circle, with our Yin & Yang polarity, and our life, death, rebirth cycle. We are given the power to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and re-create our lives.


1 ~ The Great Mystery

The ecstatic union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine from which we are born and to which we return. Everything and nothing at all – it really is a great mystery!

2 ~ The Divine Feminine (left centre)

The Yin aspect of Creation. The fertile darkness of Earth and the feminine energy.

3 ~ The Divine Masculine (right centre)

The Yang aspect of Creation. The creative, expansive light of Heaven and the masculine energy.

The Four Elements (the lines outside of the mandala in the four directions) are divine archetypes of the power of nature and if you wish they can also be called upon as guardians, guides and resources. We can connect to them deeply and feel them inside of us as well as around us. We are made of elements, that is our true nature. If you wish to further deepen this connection I recommend this article.

Movement Medicine Mandala elements 21 gateways to fulfillment and purpose

4 ~ South / Earth

The ground of our bodies.

5 ~ East / Fire

The power of transformation.

6 ~ West / Water

Ever-changing, the “shapeshifter” by excellence.

7 ~ North / Air

Breath of life, connecting us in the space between.

The nine dots at the top of the mandala form the ‘branches’ of the Tree of Life. They invoke the spiritual Journey of a human being and are divided into three ‘Journeys.’

The journey of empowerment ~ It is the alignment of body, heart and mind that creates the presence and personal power from which strong intention emerges.

Movement Medicine Mandala Journey of empowerment

8 ~ Body

Kinesthetic Intelligence, and the temple and playground of the dancer.

9 ~ Heart

Emotional Intelligence and the home of the Wise Elder or Witness.

10 ~ Mind

Consciousness and the Power of Creative Thought & Imagination.

The journey of responsibility ~ Transforming the past into a source of strength and wisdom we create the future for ourselves and for all our relations.

Movemenet Medicine Mandala Journey of responsibility

11 ~ Past

The Power to transform the Past into a source of wisdom and compassion.

12 ~ Present

Being here now gives us the possibility to take part in the Dance of Creation.

13 ~ Future

We are dreamers and our tomorrow is in part determined by our actions today.

Living the Dream journey ~ We bring our gifts into full manifestation with gratitude and contribution, realising we are one with Source.

Movement Medicine Mandala Living the dream journey

14 ~ Fulfillment

Life is the gift we are given to be uniquely who we are and give what we’ve got.

15 ~ Interconnection

The reality that we are each an integral part of the web of life.

16 ~ Realisation

The direct experience of the essential Self and the unity of all creation.

This meditation then takes us into the roots of the Tree of Life or the 5 Dimensions. The 5 Dimensions focus on how we bring the realisation of our Journeys into relationships.

Movement Medicine Mandala roots of the tree of life

17 ~ Self

Relationship with ourselves. The spirit of the dance dances us stripping us down to essence.

18 ~ Others

Relationship with others: Time to look in the mirror of our companions and create together.

19 ~ Community & Environment

Relationship with our Communities: The Power of the Circle is greater than the sum of its parts.

20 ~ Ancestors & Spirit World

Relationship with the Imaginal and Spirit world: Beyond the physical, honouring the ancestors and the spirit world.

21 ~ Divine Source

Relationship with Divine Source (whatever that may mean for you or not) Within and Beyond – perhaps there’s only one of us here.

Which leads us right into the centre and the “beginning” of the mandala again…the Great Mystery itself which is represented by the Phoenix, the essence of Movement Medicine.™ And a journey that can continue to evolve in ever deepening spirals of consciousness and self acceptance, as we let the journey unfold and dance herself.


If you wish to connect to the whole Journey without interruptions (over 8 hours of music…!), here is the complete Playlist. I have added a simple bell chime sound between each station so you can mindfully connect and make the passage into the next gateway.  And as a gift, you’re welcome to print the mandala and the gateways for personal use and easy reference while you meditate & dance to them.

I recommend to not use shuffle or random mode and to set your Spotify settings in Playback to Crossfade >12 seconds. Click on the images below for best settings.

spotify settings music playlist
spotify settings music playlist

Resources and References

For more information about Movement Medicine™, the Mandala and the online work of Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan (founders of Movement Medicine) please refer to the 21 gratitudes online hub and the School of Movement Medicine.

All the text references have been liberally and literally inspired from Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan & the School of Movement Medicine™ as part of my qualified training path to teach this empowering practice.

Interested in online and in presence events? Check my calendar.

Xx Camille


image by masha raymers @ pexels.com