Website Magic Content in 21 days

Embark on a journey of content creation for your website

You want to have a website but are still in the beginning phase of creating the content (images, texts, information, structure, menu). You would like to not do this alone and receive some structure and guidance. Work with me for 21 days to prepare and create your engaging website (SEO friendly) content. Do you know that website designers need to have a series of elements delivered by you before they design your website? Does this feel like a nightmare? No worries, we will prepare all of that together.



Content creation for your website

Crafting magical website content in 21 days, without overwhelm

Ready to build your personal brand website but unsure where to start with content? Crafting images, text, structure, and menus can be overwhelming alone. Imagine having a helping hand to guide you.


Let’s embark on a 21-day collaborative journey. We’ll work together to craft compelling, SEO-friendly website content. Did you know web designers need various elements from you before they start? Don’t worry; we’ll prepare everything seamlessly. Let’s turn potential overwhelm into a smooth, harmonious creation process.

When it comes to building your personal brand website, the content you create isn’t just information—it’s the heart of your online presence. It’s what grabs your visitors’ attention, tells your story, and guides them through your offerings. But let’s be real, crafting all this content can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why having a helping hand can make all the difference.

Think of it as having a supportive friend who knows the ins and outs of content creation by your side. I’ll help you choose the right images that speak to your audience, guide you on how to write engaging text that reflects your personality, organize everything in a way that makes sense, and create menus that lead your visitors where they need to go. This support ensures that your website truly represents you and your brand, saving you from the stress of figuring it all out alone. Let’s make this part of the journey enjoyable and effective together!

What is included

~ Free call to understand your needs – In this preliminary call we will get a sense if this offering can support you. Be aware that before we begin your business name must already be defined by you.

~ 3 x 90 min effortless sessions – over a period of 14 days to find clarity and focus for your website content. Divided into this structure: 1 – Looking at your Brand and your website needs // 2 – Choosing a menu structure and mapping out the content // 3 – Preparing content and how to use AI to help you create texts. 

~ 90 min closing call – after some time needed so you can create the text content we meet at 21 days to get feedback on your texts and to choose a WordPress theme and free image selection websites. We will choose together a WordPress theme that suits your brand, reducing future web designing costs as all is needed is just a customisation.

~ A simple moodboard to define your image style, colours and web fonts – Look and feel moodboard of your website and images chosen for you from my vast archive of free images and from free image websites, all legal, all good quality. Yours forever.

~ Bonus – No-Overwhelm pdf checklist for your website, with defined menu structure, text content and clear next steps laid out for you.

~ Possibility of continuing your wordpress website implementation immediately with my trusted third party partner with a discount. No obbligation.


What are the next steps to prepare for this social media journey?

~ Book a free call here to understand together if I can support you with your intention for these 21 days together.

~ If we decide to continue, all the info will be sent to you with the next steps. 

~ If we have already had a call or a meeting and you are ready to buy, proceed to check out.

~ What you do need to have ready before we start: your brand name and a logo. If you still do not have a logo and are starting your business take a look here. If you are still in the first steps of branding start here with a free Branding course Dare to Shine.

Why work with me?

With more than 30 years of corporate identity experience and 10 years in personal development and embodied movement studies, I weave these paths together to offer you a very unique approach to design, communication and as a holistic embodied brand consultant. I bring into our sessions the power of somatic wisdom as well as my love for beauty and clarity, while leaning into my Alchemical Branding map with the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep focused conversations. I help you find clarity in your professional strengths and gifts. I support you to fully self-express and follow your soul and intuitive guidance with sustainable practical work. Offering simple practical guided steps. Have a look at my design studio website to see some of my work. 

“I was looking for a designer who could understand me in all my diversity and include in the work both artistic approach and movement approach to shape the design and to translate my activity in. My experience with Camille was very interesting, It felt like a flower that opened session after session to reach the final version. I felt listened and all my ideas had been taken into account during the design process. It was like a dance together, a co-creation. So good!”
~ Olivia, Intuitive pianist

Dare to take your first step!

Xx Camille