1:1 Movement Medicine session

Book a 1:1 online Movement Medicine session with me.

Unwind, relax, play, discover and reconnect deeply with yourself and the elements of nature around us. Enjoy a liberating movement meditation practice and welcome yourself as you are.

No dance “abilities” required, no steps or choreography to memorise. Just the emerging of your own unique movement: if you have a body you can dance!




1:1 Movement Medicine session

The power and freedom of mindful movement

A nurturing and spacious 1:1 Movement Medicine session, where we can work together on a specific issue in a more private and focused way. Welcoming yourself as you are and taking all that you bring into motion. Join me in a process of self-discovery and learn how to inhabit yourself with joy, freedom and love.

Movement Medicine™ is a liberating mindful movement practice that provides a safe, inclusive and nourishing space for you to:
Drop into your body and reconnect to your true essence. Discover and receive what you truly desire. Align your body, heart and mind. Feel what supports and nourishes you. Learn how to contact the natural elements and resource yourself. Invite your emotions to flow with more ease and awareness. Live your fulfilled life with inspiration and purpose. Dance like nobody’s watching.

Your body stores information essential for your wellbeing, and it is your purpose in this life to liberate and transform your limited perceptions of what you can or can’t do. It’s about finding sanctuary in the space between your bones, muscles and heartbeat. With your relation to your longing and resistance. In the space between you and whatever supports or guides you. Movement never leaves you. It is present in your chest’s delicate expansion and contraction, or in the imperceptible movement of a single strand of hair. It is there in an fiery hand gesture, in a releasing jump or in a soft rocking. It is that whisper that tells you, you are safe my darling, you are safe and you are wildly alive.

What is included

~ 1 hour zoom Movement Medicine sessionUnwind, relax, play, discover and reconnect deeply with yourself and your body. Enjoy a liberating movement meditation practice and welcome yourself as you are with select music chosen uniquely for you in that moment. No dance “abilities” required, no steps or choreography to memorise. Just the emerging of your own unique movement: if you have a body you can dance! All Movement Medicine™ sessions are available in English, Spanish or Italian upon request and are gender, age, spiritual, physical and race inclusive.


Steps to book session?

~ Book your Movement Medicine session here in the calendar.

~ When you find a date and time that suits you and you have booked it, proceed to check out here.

~ In doubt or if you prefer to book offline please send me an email

~ Make sure you have a safe space to dance in (it doesn’t have to be big), a good connection on your computer or device and good speakers or headphones.

What is Movement Medicine™?

Movement Medicine™ was created by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in England and is influenced by their many years of teaching and dancing 5Rhythms alongside Gabrielle Roth, as well as their own personal lineages of Neuroscience, Family Constellations, Gestalt therapy and indigenous shamanic wisdom as an understanding of our connection to the natural world and the cycles of life. Read more here.


Why have a session with me?

I am a fully qualified Movement Medicine™ teacher and facilitator and have been teaching for 5 years. I am passionate about dance and the freedom of self-expression, and I encourage participants to connect with their bodies and emotions in a sacred and deeply authentic way. The space I create is a rich and nourishing blend of music, dance, mindfulness, and self-exploration, and offers a unique and transformative experience for participants.
I firmly believe this has been handed down from my South American lineage, my Venezuelan roots. Through the drums we transform and the harder times are, the stronger these drums play, let’s move and be moved!!


By participating in this session you are declaring and agreeing to the following:

~ I take full responsibility for my physical, emotional and mental well being during and after the sessions. The space I will be moving in is safe and clear to move in.

~ I am aware that Movement Medicine involves physical movement and it may bring emotions to the surface.

~ I declare I am in good physical condition and I am fit and able to dance.

~ I will monitor my own level of movement and activity so I remain within what is appropriate for my body and know I can move at my own pace.

~ If I don’t attend the event/session without rescheduling I am aware that I will not be refunded if payment has been made.

“Thank you for your profound session yesterday, I still feel the powerful energy that took my in an incredible journey with myself and my femininity. These events you organise online are extremely important for me and my partner. Your sessions allow us to work in the depths of our essence and they bring us to a state of meditation and healing that you let us live. I am full of gratitude for your humility, your rightness, your alignment, your teachings and the beauty of your soul.”

~ Stella, Shamanic Practitioner


“I met Camille in a Movement Medicine session led by her. The quality of what she brings through dance and music creates a space for introspection and sharing that is sometimes rare to experience. The simplicity, care, depth, presence and attention that characterise her work make her meetings a place where one can feel completely welcomed and accompanied. I feel profoundly grateful to know that there are hearts, like hers, that know how to bring warm enlightenment into the world and to the people they meet.”

~ Ines Isella, Chef

Nurture your flow, find your wild, expand your joy!

Xx Camille