Alchemical Gold ~ Cacao 90min session

An 90 minute 1:1 online session with Ceremonial Cacao & mindful movement to release any blocks that may be holding you back. Connect to your unbroken self, shatter any limiting beliefs and reclaim your sovereignty.




These sessions can help you to open your heart and welcome yourself as you are. We will be connecting to a specific issue (spiritual, emotional, etc) or we can also let whatever is ready to emerge to come into the space so it may be revealed and transformed. We will be tapping into the wisdom of our bodies in movement and letting the emotions move in a gentle way with the support of this loving master plant.

For this deep, rich and gentle online Cacao session, please prepare your cup beforehand. You can find information about how to prepare a Ceremonial Cacao cup here.


You will also find some online places to buy your certified Ceremonial Cacao from, in my Cacao Ceremonies page.




If it is your first time with me, please email me first so I can get a sense of what your intentions may be, and we can both decide if this might be a good fit for you in this moment.


Cacao might not be suitable for everybody especially since it may interfere with some medications. Let’s have a chat first.




By participating in this session you are declaring and agreeing to the following:

– I take full responsibility for my physical, emotional and mental well being during and after the sessions. The space I will be moving in is safe and clear to move in.

– I am aware that Movement Medicine and Embodiment practices involve physical movement.

– I understand that Movement Medicine and Cacao may bring emotions to the surface.

– I declare I am in good physical condition and I am fit and able to dance and drink Cacao.

– If I sustain an injury during or after the sessions I will not hold the event organiser/coach/teacher responsible.

– If my physical condition is restricted in any way, I will monitor my own level of movement and activity so I remain within what is appropriate for my body and know I can move at my own pace.

– I have researched and am aware of any medicine interactions (MAOI).

– If I don’t attend the event/session without rescheduling I am aware that I will not be refunded if payment has been made.


Live in Milan, Italy and want to meet in person? Get in touch.