moving into the space hand and foot

Moving into the Space

The ways in which we move and can be moved are infinite. It is our narrative as infinite beings to BE in movement. To BE movement.

In Movement Medicine we are constantly reminded to move into the empty space, while travelling in the dance floor with a room full of people. We are asked not to fixate on any spot but just to follow and merge into the empty spaces around us. Mind in our feet, letting our feet take us to the empty space. Following our bodies innate wisdom.

What if we applied this concept to our Communication and our Personal Branding? What spots are there that haven’t been taken? Where are those empty spots just waiting for us to be inhabited and flourish?

And most importantly, after we move into the space, how can we rest in the space? How can we silently allow this space to inform us, to align with our purpose and most importantly how can we infuse this space with our essence?

We dance it into creation, we infuse it with joy and lightness and rhythm. we dance the ebbs and flows of the creative process. We dance our identity to the rhythm of our own beat.

“Your why is organic
You why is your center
Your why is aligned
Your what is your offering
Your what can be simple
Your what is heart aligned
Your how can evolve
You how is moving
Your how is focused”




image by Anaïs Lottaroli