hawk flying above into freedom

Find your Wild

If we want to step into visibility, how exactly can we inhabit, birth and communicate our gifts into the world?

Ideas I’ve come to understand come from a collective field and we must only need to reach out our hands and grab them, sometimes ideas come at the same time for many of us. As if the collective energy wants to be birthed through the many who dare to dream and to manifest (as the ‘Meta’  we encounter on the dancefloor). In the creative process I have felt it very much in the Movement Medicine field, things I am thinking or birthing in my space are often being done at the same time by other teachers and colleagues even though we each have our flavour.

That field of creative birthing for me can be activated by leaning in, going into that pause, my center, just letting myself go quiet and still until I am graced. It is very much related to the experience of going to a classical concert, when right after the orchestra has stopped playing , there is a sweet vibrating, reverberating, pulsating energy in the space.

This is it. This is grace. This is life and we are alive.

Sometimes it is also a matter of letting go of limiting beliefs that hold us back, or that won’t stop nudging us. For me, imperfection is extremely hard to accept in myself. Perfection is what I believe shields me from hurt in the outer world, I had to be a “perfect” child to not disturb when my father was drunk, to not attract unnecessary attention to myself. I had to be good, independent, take care of myself. But now, perfection requires too much control, it requires letting go of being surprised, of real vulnerability, of humanness. And yes, it did save me, but now I am starting to believe I can safely step away from that place and let my outer skin be pierced and softened so others may see as well what is inside me.

I love the concept of wabi-sabi: the imperfection in objects is what makes them special, unique, loved. “Wabi Sabi isn’t made, it happens”. (Leonard Koren – Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers). Wabi-sabi is imperfection, incompleteness, a way for me to reclaim my indigenous wild body not my colonized conquered self. To me it feels like a path of freedom if an imperfection can be seen as beauty, if it’s broken parts can be seen as an aesthetic feature.

Dance and Embodiment has given me this gift, a way to authentically begin to see myself, not through mirrors others put up front. And this is the very first step, how do we see ourselves truly, how can we send out an aligned message to our audience if we feel we are not completely ourselves? How do we learn to lean back into that field of trust? How do we quiet our mind and actually listen?

“To be human is to become visible

while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.

To remember the other world in this world

is to live in your true inheritance.“

~ David Whyte