What is the vision that drives you?

Embody your Why

A free embodied enquiry with your Why.

Why do you do what you do? Why is your purpose important? How can you create momentum and inspiration?

Your Why are your roots
Your Why is your impulse
Your Why is not about money
Your Why is what moves you
Your Why is unique
Your Why is your heart

Feel it. Embody it. Activate it.

Whether you are still sensing a change but don’t know quite exactly where it is taking you, or maybe you know what you want but are hoping to manifest it and bring it into form, or maybe you are doing the work you love and that aligns with your soul purpose but lately you have been feeling disconnected and without a strong impulse.

embody your why

“To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
To remember the other world in this world is to live in your true inheritance.”
~ David Whyte”


If your Why is not clear enough, people will not get a strong felt sense. You need to elicit a full body yes, a strong gut reaction from your dream clients. The people will choose you with their emotional mind. They will choose what you offer with their rational mind. So it is important you are aware of how you make people feel. Once again that is why I believe so strongly in embodiment as part of our branding, because our dream clients as well are choosing us with their animal sense. Does this person feel safe? does this person make me feel good, or challenged, or intrigued? And these feelings come from the limbic part of the brain. From a deep sense of belonging to an ideal. So, what is you Why? How do you want to inspire people?


To understand fully why brand, trust and the body is so important in this process, I invite you to read this.


And if you are inspired to get a deeper sense of your Why, I highly recommend this book by Simon Sinek: Start with Why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action.

Let’s get started! 


Before you begin, prepare the space you will be moving, writing and dancing in it, make sure it is safe to move in and you wont get hurt.

Please listen to your own body and take care of it at all levels. Move at your own pace, and stop when/if you need to.

Just be mindful, presence and body is all that is required for this practice.

embody your why free course

PDF to download

Download the Embody your Why workbook here.

Then print it or fill it directly from your computer.

You are invited to answer some questions before the audio session and some after the session. Take all the time you need for this.

Audio session

Press play when ready and make sure you have some good speakers as this will enhance the experience.

If the below link doesn’t work, go directly to the streaming platform here.

It is not possible to listen to the Embody your Why session while in offline mode.

After the session

Take your time to fill out all the pages of your workbook. And also trust that this is an organic process, your Why might change in time as you yourself become clearer about what you offer and why you offer it. It becomes a virtous circle where you are gifted with deeper understanding the more you become visible.


If you feel like taking another step, I warmly invite you to the Activate your Why group sessions, where you will work with a very small group of people directly with me over a month’s time to activate your Why and receive practical branding consultations. Get on the waitlist!

client testimonial image

“This experience with Camille and Embody your Why has allowed me to connect more and more sincerely with what is in my heart. Thanks to the questions and the answers my dancing body gave to them, I went beyond the mind to see more clearly into the soul.”

~Elisa, Yoga teacher & Philosopher

Why work with me?
camille barrios embodied brand coach & movement medicine teacher

If you enjoyed this session, why not book a free call with me now? I can help you find the right steps to get to where you want to be. Let’s move your Brand!

I bring a holistic and conscious mind-body-heart approach to my coaching. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep questions.

I will support you in taking time out for yourself by creating a nurturing space, helping you set up support systems and resources to keep you connected and committed to your mission while enjoying the ride, all supported by a healthy dose of humour and compassion. We will celebrate together what you bring into this space and the successes you achieve along the way.

My way of coaching you is completely unique as I bring into our sessions the power of embodiment leaning into the Movement Medicine Mandala and the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources.

I bring 30 years of experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in the branding field and 10 years in the embodied self development field. Weaving the urban with the natural world, the rational with the intuitive, the international with the local, the practical with the creative, the body with the mind, the yin with the yang.

Have a look at my design work, client list and portfolio at ushadesign website.