Beautiful designs & templates for your branding needs.

Branding templates

A selection of free, done for you and exclusive branding kit options to get you seen and noticed.

person working on computer and social media

Social Media Templates


Support in the creation of your social media presence and basic strategy based on your objectives with a 1:1 session.

What is Included

~ Pre- Session questions  – Please dedicate some time to answer the questions and research sent via email. This will help us make the best of our time together.

~ First call – We’ll meet online for 30 mins so we can get clarity on what you want to offer.

~ Support in setting up your social media presence – If needed this can be done together for most top social media sites. This does not include any social media management or posting.

~ 1 set of Social Media templates designed uniquely for you  – for instagram or facebook in Photoshop or Canva. This includes a set of 6/7 templates based on your branding guidelines (you must have at least a name and a logo) for you to then add your own text, videos and images and content. This is a great addition after you’ve completed our branding sessions.

Don’t have any branding guidelines? Check one of the offerings above or book a free call to explore the possibilities.

Please get in touch if you also would like to receive an extra social media session to explore a possible basic strategy and ideas on how to expand your visibility.

Investment: 315€ (taxes not included)

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Logo Templates (coming soon)


Are you just starting or have low budget? Choose one logo from my exclusive existing templates and during our 1 hour call we will customise it together.

What is Included

~ Choose your new logo from my template collection  – Choose from one existing ready-made logo.

~ Work call – During our 1 hour call, we will customise your logo together with your name. We will also choose fonts and colour palette.

~ All files immediately delivered to you – After our call you will have your logo sent to you in jpg, png and eps files.

 If you need an exclusive logo this is not an option for you. Contact me for other options. The logos that we’ll be using are not exclusive to you, and are offered based on existing templates designed by me. 

Investment: 170€ (taxes not included)

person working on computer and social media

48 hour ready website


Contact me for a unique partner offering that offers you an exciting 48 hours of web creation with your website ready to launch at the end. Bear in mind that preparatory work is necessary and you must have all the requirements asked or have done the Deep Alignment sessions.

This offer is not suitable for custom websites, e-commerce solutions, or big company websites that require a complex navigation.

This is perfect for you if you need a beautiful, simple and fast website to present yourself, have done all the branding work beforehand and have your content ready (images and text).

We will be using an extremely  customisable WordPress website template and we will provide you with a simple 5/6 page website (for example: Home, Services, About me, Blog, Contact)

You will be working with a trusted partner and I will include a quick check-in with you before you start and offer my availability during this process.

What I need from you: Logo and Branding guidelines, all texts in your desired language, all images ready with good resolution, and a hosting service for your website. We will not start if you have not sent us all the materials.

What we can offer you: A pdf checklist with all the materials you will need so you can prepare beforehand step-by-step. Help to set up your hosting service (hosting price not included) and emails, we will set up your WordPress website and you’ll receive a final 90 minute call to guide you through the website so you can manage it on your own afterwards.

Investment: 1200€ (taxes not included)

person working on computer and social media

Exclusive Branding Kit


Contact me for exclusive and unique design packages needed for you to start attracting your dream clients.

These are not templates but specifically and uniquely designed for you and your needs. The package includes: logo, website & social media templates. Extra print materials vary depending on the needs.

Prices are by project estimate after we decide upon your needs and there are very few spots available per year, as this is thorough branding work.

Please get in touch only if you are interested in developing a full design package and think you have the budget for serious design work.

I apply my full 30 years of design, corporate identity and art direction to this package. I have worked with many important corporate clients in the tech, publishing, editorial, wellness and non-profit areas. See my portfolio here.

“I was looking for a designer who could understand me in all my diversity and include in the work both artistic approach and movement approach to shape the design and to translate my activity in. My experience with Camille was very interesting, It felt like a flower that opened session after session to reach the final version. I felt listened and all my ideas had been taken into account during the design process. It was like a dance together, a co-creation. So good!”

~Olivia, Intuitive pianist

Why work with me?
camille barrios embodied brand coach

I bring a holistic and conscious mind-body-heart approach to my coaching. I weave somatic guided movement, compassionate listening and deep questions.

I will support you in taking time out for yourself by creating a nurturing space, helping you set up support systems and resources to keep you connected and committed to your mission while enjoying the ride, all supported by a healthy dose of humour and compassion. We will celebrate together what you bring into this space and the successes you achieve along the way.

My way of coaching you is completely unique as I bring into our sessions the power of embodiment leaning into the Movement Medicine Mandala and the 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) as our resources.

I bring 30 years of experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in the branding field and 10 years in the embodied self development field. Weaving the urban with the natural world, the rational with the intuitive, the international with the local, the practical with the creative, the body with the mind, the yin with the yang.

Have a look at my design work, client list and portfolio at ushadesign website.