pause. breathe. dance. repeat.

The Power and Freedom

of Mindful Movement.

Ask your body what it needs.

It is time to come back home to the landscape of your body intelligence. It is time to connect to what feels good and to reclaim your power, your joy and your vitality. It is time to remember who you truly are.

Movement Medicine is a liberating mindful movement practice that provides a safe, inclusive and nourishing space for you to:

Drop into your body and reconnect to your true essence. Discover and receive what you truly desire. Align your body, heart and mind. Feel what supports and nourishes you. Learn how to contact the natural elements and use them as resources. Invite your emotions to flow with more ease and awareness. Live your fulfilled life with inspiration and purpose.

The roots of the practice.

Recent studies have shown how dance helps to reinforce new neural connections, improving your mind’s health and your body’s well being, stability, balance and flexibility.

By bringing awareness to your body: you reconnect to your essence and wisdom, encouraging health and self-expression. Your body releases tension with a selected blend of supportive music as your guide. You remember your connection to the four elements (earth, water, air, fire) and the Tree of Life. Developing your relationship with these elements as resources is an important aspect of the practice.

By bringing awareness to your heart: you connect deeply with yourself, with others and with the mystery of life. You allow support to enter your life as you start to build your own personal circle and recognize how to safely stand in your own center. You welcome yourself and others with gratitude, openess and curiosity.

By bringing awareness to your mind: you realise you can let go of old belief systems and patterns. You feel the clarity of your inner guidance help you make sustainable choices for yourself and the world you inhabit. Your mind is now an ally held in the safe container of a healthy body with clear boundaries and creative engagement.

Movement Medicine was created by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in England and is influenced by their many years of teaching and dancing 5Rhythms alongside Gabrielle Roth, as well as their own personal lineages of Neuroscience, Family Constellations, Gestalt therapy and indigenous shamanic wisdom as an understanding of our connection to the natural world and the cycles of life.

The Movement Medicine mandala is a map of these resources with 21 stations representing the tree of life:

The lines hold the 4 directions and elements: Earth in the south, Fire in the east, Water in the west and Air in the north.

The five circles in the bottom are the roots of the tree which are our 5 dimensions of awareness: relationship with self, others, community, ancestors and the divine.

The nine spheres along the top represent the branches and hold 9 gateways: Body, heart, mind (Journey of empowerment). Past, present, future (Journey of responsibility). Fulfilment, interconnection, realisation (Manifesting the dream).

In the center, the Phoenix, representing the Great Mystery and weaving around it the polarities of Yin and Yang.

Find your Wild.

I offer spaces of solace for your body and soul.

Spaces where you can unwind, relax, enjoy, play, discover and reconnect deeply with yourself and the elements of nature around us. Where you can practice deep listening and welcome yourself as you are.

Where you can celebrate your body’s aliveness, power, beauty and pleasure.  Where you can feel your edges and welcome the grace and the grit of this magnificent life.

Choose whatever speaks to you: whether it’s a short class, an online event, a day or weekend retreat. Maybe you want to mark a special event with a bespoke rite of passage or a unique mindful celebration. Or maybe you are interested in working with personalized 1:1 sessions to bring anything that is emerging for you at the moment.

Have a look below at the events in the calendar, or get in touch. I am also available if you want to organise something in your area (I love to travel!).

My events are available in English, Spanish or Italian upon request and are gender, age, spiritual, physical disability (but please be in touch before as not all venues are appropriate) and race inclusive: if you have a body you can dance! Drop me an email if you have any questions.

~ Experiences from the community ~

“I discovered Movement Medicine with Camille one year ago and it has become a weekly unmissable appointment. A time for myself in this unique space where I can express myself without the pressure of my internal inner critic. A time in this magical space, held by Camille that has infused us so much respect, gentleness and depth, and where there are no mistakes, only research and self expression. A place to meet with the community, a family founded in a common language: Freedom expressed through our own movement, precious for anyone interested in healing body and soul.”

~ Julia, Art curator 

“Gratitude is an abstract concept and when you embody it and bring it into the dance and awareness, it takes on a different flavour and significance… automatically you FEEL you have so many things to be grateful for and, when you do it, knots start to untie and you feel blocked energy liberate.”

~ Monica, Nurse

“A beautiful dance floor, good music and other people with who you resonate. The dance starts from your internal landscape, a sphere that expands into your relationship with yourself, with others, with the world. Movement Medicine is a dance that, with a lot of fun and little effort, gifts you with so much that you are left in awe of the beauty and the grace that you experience in each event.”  

~ Giuliana, TV Content Producer

“Thank you for your profound session yesterday, I still feel the powerful energy that took my in an incredible journey with myself and my femininity. These events you organise online are extremely important for me and my partner. Your sessions allow us to work in the depths of our essence and they bring us to a state of meditation and healing that you let us live. I am full of gratitude for your humility, your rightness, your alignment, your teachings and the beauty of your soul.”  

~ Stella, Shamanic Practitioner 

“Thank you sooooo much for the amazing dance tonight. I was and still am deeply moved. I love your style of teaching and your music. Your guidance was so beautiful and touching…”  

~ Bene, Online Participant

~ Free resources, practice videos & curated music journeys  ~

Mixcloud mix to awaken the dancer in you

Pause. Breathe. Dance. Repeat. A simple 4 step practice for overwhelm.

A spotify playlist dedicated to the Earth element

~ Is this your first time dancing? Read below  ~

What can I expect in a class?

We usually start the class with some free movement and no guidance, just enjoying the music and taking this precious time to arrive into the space, letting the words go and dropping into our body. Leaving the day behind and stepping into the now. Bringing awareness to our physical body and breath and just feeling what is emerging. All emotions are welcome with respect.

We then have an opening sharing circle to present ourselves to the group and to explain what we’ll be working with. Immediately after we start our dance with simple invitations and guidance to notice parts of ourself and our body. We let the body move freely and intuitively to the rhythm of the music to release, replenish and relax. We close again in a circle before we leave the space.

I've never danced before, can I come?

Absolutely! Movement Medicine is for anyone who has a body. I hold inclusive spaces for any gender, ethnicity, age or ability. There are no steps to learn, and you are encouraged to listen to your own body limits. You can stop and rest at any time while remaining present in the space. If you need special assistance please email me before. Also contact me if you want to bring young children, not all events all well suited for them.

Self care tips before and after

These are always drug and alcohol free events so please be mindful of your physical state before you come to dance. Make sure you are hydrated, in good physical and health state, bring water and have appropriate and comfortable clothing. We dance barefoot.

During the event you will be asked to follow 3 “golden rules” // Respect and take care of your body and take responsibility for your emotions // Respect the people in the space // Respect the space we dance in whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

After the event please make sure you are well grounded and present before going home, drink water and listen to your body. We always take time before we close to ground properly. Practice self-love and compassion and in the rare case that you feel something emerges that you can’t handle on your own, please speak to a therapist or someone you trust. Movement Medicine can bring emotions to the surface. In doubt you can email me at any time. Be mindful this is not a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment. 

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