alchemy of the heart.

Receive the magic of Cacao.

Offering your heart to the Sacred Cacao elixir is to open the door to a gentle, accepting and wise old teacher. It is the medicine of the tropical forest, weaving its rich, earthy texture and smell around you like a sweet grandmother’s hug.

Although the plant is native to the tropical Mesoamerican areas, recent DNA studies have discovered that the Criollo Cacao tree originates from the Venezuelan jungles region in the Andes foothills near Maracaibo. The natives in this region called “Timotes’ and ‘Cuicas’ drank a fermented Cacao drink called ‘Chorote”. Then, thousands of years ago, it travelled into Central America where it became the center of rites and ceremonies and elevated to one of the foundations of the Mayan and Aztec traditions. It was known as the ‘drink of the gods’ and thankfully preserved by the indigenous wisdom of these ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

There are three main types of Cacao: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario and the type I use in ceremony is the Criollo, which has the finest quality. The name ‘Criollo’ comes from the Venezuelan variety of Cacao trees which means “native to the land”, unfortunately non-native varieties were introduced in Venezuela across the years (Forastero & Trinitario) as they are more resistant, but in some uncontaminated parts you can still find the extremely fine Criollo variety. Thankfully there are also many exquisite criollo Cacao plants in South and Central America, for example, I have found a deep connection to the Peruvian and Guatemalan Cacao.

The Cacao plant has a distinct spirit and coming into reciprocal communication with it, it’s origin and it’s properties is essential to create a harmonious ceremonial experience. Gratitude, respect and awareness for it’s ancestral history which also includes the wounds of slavery, consumerism and colonisation is crucial to connect to the sacredness of this plant and help her and us return golden. Giving back to the people who harvested it with respect and for the nature that protected it is also part of my relationship with Cacao. Making sure I always source it from south or central american indigenous families or cooperatives that grow the Cacao sustainably and ethically.

Honouring Cacao in ceremony.

The Cacao rituals I offer are held with clear intention and respect. When shared in this way, it can have unique spiritual and emotional effects. When you tune respectfully into the intention of self-transformation a beautiful, gentle golden alchemy is created. It can open our hearts, create deeper connection with the natural world, our intuition and any unseen guidance. 

Before any ceremony I invite a simple a clear preparation, and during the ritual we take out time to fully connect and let the magic in. There are very few contraindications so please email before if you want to attend.

During the ritual, we connect through our moving bodies in dance, we hold sharing circles and we drink Cacao together. At any moment of the ritual you will be encouraged to follow your own body intuition, this may mean you wish to stop movement and rest, or not drink anymore, in any case you decide what is best for you. Every person is different and the invitation is to let go of expectations and trust that your journey was exactly what was needed.

Weaving Cacao into your life.

I personally love to connect to Cacao every morning with lighter doses and take some time to meditate, write, dance or simply sit and listen to my heart, a wonderful self-love ritual.

Cacao Ceremonies that include any type of conscious movement and/or voice and singing are a very embodied way to honour the sweet energy of this Grandmother plant.

Drinking cacao before team work is also an excellent way to open our hearts and let the communication flow through, creating profound transformation. I have used Cacao in my Embodied coaching sessions before looking into specific themes.

A very beautiful and meaningful gift is when we also incorporate it into any Rite of passage, the energy of purification, transformation and sacredness helps to profoundly mark any significant event. Drop me a line if you want to know how we can co-create a lasting memory.

I also offer 1:1 rituals (online or in person) where we can focus on certain aspects.

If you are interested in attending any online Cacao events take a look at the events page and join us. You will also be guided by me if you need, to buy your Cacao and how to prepare it with recipes and videos.

Benefits of Cacao.

Raw Ceremonial Cacao (Theobroma Cacao), the type I use for every ritual and every day personal use, is 100% Cacao ethically sourced from the bean, which is grounded pure into a “paste”. When used to drink, I add water (or plant milk) and herbs or spices depending on the energy I want to call in for the ritual.

Cacao is a complex food, and for me it is the symbol of the Earth in color, texture and energy. It is considered a superfood and is rich in antioxidants which purify the body and bind free radicals, vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Chromium and Zinc, neurotransmitters and “feel good” hormones like Anandamide, Oxytocin and Serotonin. It contains also Theobromine and Caffeine that support heart opening as it increases the blood flow and heart function, dilates vessels and relaxes the muscles.

Some physical effects may include increased heartbeat, slight headache as it aids in detox, emotional release, a deep feeling of bliss, increased energy or a concentrated energy in the belly or torso. If you are pregnant very small doses are acceptable, but please discuss this with me beforehand. Cacao is also ok for children but smaller doses are prepared.

~ Sharing the Cacao Love ~

A playlist to connect to the spirit of Cacao.

A video (in italian) on how to prepare your own Cacao drink at home. Great also if you are attending one of my online ceremonies.

~ Ceremonial Cacao Recipes ~

Gold Morning Sun

~ 10-15gr Ceremonial Cacao

~ 1 teaspoon Golden Milk spices or 1 teaspoon of turmeric with a dash of black pepper to taste.

~ 1 cup Oat milk (or other plant milk)

~ Organic Maple syrup to taste (if needed)


Heat plant milk while you prepare your ingredients, don’t let it boil!

When hot, add the cacao and spices.

Mix it with love and gratitude.

Prepare your favourite sacred space to sit down and drink to receive the benefits of this amazing anti-inflammatory drink. Wonderful for a cold and rainy morning to call in the Golden Sun energy.

Rose Heart Union

~ 20gr Ceremonial Cacao

~ 5/6 drops of Rose water

~ water

~ Organic Rose Petals (to eat)


Heat water while you prepare your ingredients, don’t let it boil!

When hot, add the cacao and mix well with a mixer.

Add the rose drops and petals with the clear intention of opening your heart to love.

Mix softly visualising the sacred union. Hum or sing a love song to this cup.

Prepare your sacred space to drink and receive the divine love that emanates from the rose energy together with the Cacao Earth energy. Connect to your heart and feel gratitude for the divine masculine and feminine in you.

Cacao Dreams

~ 30gr Ceremonial Cacao

~ mugwort leaves

~ 1 cup water

~ honey to taste (if needed)


Prepare a mugwort tea with the leaves, let it cool a bit.

When ready, add the cacao and mix well.

Connect to the intention of opening your mind’s eyes to inner visions and deep cleansing.

Prepare your space to drink, be warned, the taste will be quite bitter, but in life not everything comes in a sweet form, this is also a Cacao teaching. Call in the mugwort to aid you in a cleanse and to prepare you for vivid dreams.

Before consuming, please research the mugwort properties as not every woman should take it especially when pregnant. Don’t consume if you are driving or need to remain alert, mygwort can bring a bit of drowsiness. 

~ Cacao experiences ~

“I thank you for accompanying me in a difficult moment in my path, full of weights I did not want to carry anymore, this was a moment long due and being able to live it together with so much acceptance, delicacy and love was an amazing and unexpected process. I am grateful to you and the medicine of Cacao and dance. Like you said, connecting again to our inner child means coming into contact with our most profound selves. Just to feel my heartbeat in connection with the Earth was extremely powerful and strong and painful. I now want to dance this life fully.”

~ Silvia

“Thank you for yesterday! It was an experience filled with joy and openness, a warm flow of energy in the body, and a lucidity of vision…thank you! I am still enjoying the beauty of Cacao and I am keeping a candle light to honour my journey and the silent day of rest and integration today.” 


“For me, Cacao was a very significative experience that left a positive energy inside my body, even after a week of work in a challenging situation, I can still feel it! I find myself having positive thoughts and welcoming attitudes for those around me. Also dancing freely in nature, something I’d never done before, was a big surprise and left me wanting to listen to my body more from now on.”

~ Patrizia